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Jamie makes poached salmon with a citrus jasmine rice. Overcooked salmon. Will has some egg with his, and the judges praise the flavors and the textural components, and Blue Team ties things up at one.

Guinea hens: Gina vs. Tommy. Gina's got lightly poached guinea hen with mushrooms while Tommy has made poached chicken leg with breast. Ramsay asks why he'd serve leg and breast at the same time. "I don't really think when I do things, I just do them," says Tommy, looking like he thinks that might impress someone other than a high-school girl who loves his bitchin' Camaro. Ramsay doesn't look particularly enthused by his response. The verdict? Less would have been more, and Red Team gets the point.

Elise and Paul bring up their lobsters. Elise's is a little rubbery, while Paul's earns a "bravo." Score's tied at two.

It's down to the veal dishes, Natalie versus Krupa. Natalie's made a veal terrine, wrapped in greens, which has the added benefit of rhythm and rhyme. "Don't take it personally, but the terrine kinda comes off as having that cat food texture," says one of the judges. I forgot which one each one is. Why would anyone take THAT personally? The other judge doesn't like it either. As for Krupa's poached veal, it's an awful lot of brown. So no points for presentation, but the judges all like the taste of the dish. But Ramsay has something else to say: "I have one big issue with that dish, and it's not funny," he says, and naturally we go to commercial first.

What's the big reveal? That the dish isn't veal at all, but filet mignon. And we revisit the Red Team's fight over the guinea hen, and see Krupa exasperatedly grab what she says she thought was the veal, but was actually the filet mignon. Ramsay makes Carrie go fetch the veal from the Red Kitchen as proof.

"I just wanted to crawl under a rock. I'm very, very ticked off with myself," Krupa tells us, and she has to sit there and take it while Ramsay wonders how it is that she doesn't know the difference, and he chews out the rest of the team for not noticing that no one was cooking veal. To their credit, team-wise, no one points out that Jamie noticed, but Krupa assured her she was on the veal. Ramsay's also pissed off that he served two esteemed judges what was supposed to be veal. "How dare you!" he tells them. I'm kinda curious why neither of the two guests said, "Uh, that's not veal," but let's all assume that they know when you're in Hell's Kitchen, you leave the profanity-laced outrage to Ramsay.

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