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Communication Breakdown

Monterray blames Tommy because he kept pushing the time back, but Tommy feels he's collateral damage for Monterray's mistakes.

Gina and Elise are still squabbling. "Like two cats fighting," Ramsay observes. And then Gina brings up "raw fucking bass," and Ramsay shows it to everybody and slaps it with his hand, sending it flying. So he invites Gina and Elise to fuck off out of the kitchen as well. Elise acknowledges that their performance was sub-par, but not so much so that she deserved to get thrown out of the kitchen.

On the patio, Elise demonstrates again her amazing inability to grasp the concept that it takes two people to communicate, and continues to complain that nobody was communicating with her. Krupa essentially tells her to shut up, despite not being the current focus of Elise's amazing Blamey Sense (it's like Spidey Sense, but much more powerful and annoying).

The remaining team members on both sides manage to finish up the service, which seems like a minor victory in itself, but Ramsay, addressing the assembled teams afterwards, rips on their lack of communication and says he doesn't see a leader on either side. Nobody won, you both suck, go away and come up with two people to nominate.

Paul has no idea what's going to happen. He figures two people could get eliminated, or four, or they might come back to Ramsay spraying automatic weapons fire at them. It's all possible.

So the blame game: Jonathon and Paul both suggest Tommy and Monterray, with Paul explaining how when Tommy ignores Ramsay, he might as well be raising a middle finger to him. I think I would pay good money to see what would happen if someone were to actually give Ramsay the finger. I wish I could wager money on things like whether that chef would still actually have a middle finger left after doing that. Anyway, there is very little yelling going on here, but when Ramsay has kicked two people out of the service, it's fairly easy to decide who's going to be sent up for elimination.

Over on the Red Side, Elise is not taking kindly to the suggestion that she should be on the chopping block, and she wants to see Gina and Krupa up. Gina seems to be a consensus choice. What discussion we do see is dominated by Elise explaining to everyone how she herself doesn't deserve to be on the chopping block. Carrie says it just feels good not to be there herself.

So: the rose ceremony. Whoops! Sorry about that. Force of habit. Ramsay asks Paul who the nominees are: it's Monterray, for lackluster performances in the last two services, and Tommy, for his terrible communication.

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