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Communication Breakdown

Carrie tells Ramsay that the first nominee is Krupa, for the challenge, and her crappy appetizers tonight. The second nominee is (after a commercial break) Elise, for failing to communicate and holding up entrees. Carrie doesn't seem to take any pleasure in putting Elise forth; she's probably annoyed that this is going to be one more thing for Elise to hold against her when she's not sent home tonight.

The nominees step forward. Elise says she should stay because she has a lot to give, and she guarantees she won't be up there a third time. She says Gina is the weakest member of the team. Krupa admits she's had a rough twenty-four hours, and Ramsay asks her who the weakest chef is. She says Elise because of her attitude. "I wasn't looking for the weakest attitude," he tells her, so she says Gina is the weakest cook.

As for Blue Team, Tommy says his zoning out doesn't mean he's given up, it just means he made a mistake. As for Monterray (Ramsay checks his watch, like he REALLY wants to get out of here), he says he's not the weakest chef. "I think I'm a great cook," he says.

So Ramsay says, "My decision is... Elise," but nobody believes it's anything but a fakeout. Carrie smiles sardonically and shakes her head. Elise steps forward, but it's just so Ramsay can say he agrees with her, and tells Gina to take off her jacket because her time in Hell's Kitchen is done. Yeah, it's always great when the nomination process is a big waste of time.

Ramsay tells Gina that she has no fight-back, no voice. She thanks him for the opportunity, and he coldly says good-night. She tells us Ramsay should have eliminated Elise, because she's a problem for Red Team, but she'll walk out with her head held high: "I gave it everything I had," she says.

Ramsay tells the survivors that he has not given up on them. Well, that's a relief! The cooks don't get TOO excited over this (Stockholm syndrome). "Yes I'm pissed, because I've seen flashes of brilliance!" he says. He asks if they're ready to fight back, and they all yell "Yes, chef!" and he bids them adieu.

Krupa feels like she dodged a bullet, and promises we won't see her up for elimination again. Monterray is also dancing on Gina's grave, and Elise says something about "bringing it" again. Then Ramsay mocks Gina's height by saying her talent matches her size: tiny. Look, YOU guys chose her to be on the show. That's on you.

Daniel is a writer in Newfoundland with a wife and a daughter. He doesn't know what Jonathon's problem is; he believes in good grooming. Follow him on Twitter (@DanMacEachern) or email him at danieljdaniel@gmail.com.

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