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So do we FINALLY get to find out who got eliminated? This isn't going to become a regular thing, is it? Because I think I speak for everyone when I say how annoying that would be.

The next name out of Ramsay's mouth is "Patrick," but it's only to tell him back in line, and then he says the person leaving Hell's Kitchen is Danielle. He thanks her and shakes her hand. While we hear Danielle say she'd like to see Dana win, we see Dana wiping away tears, enough so that Ramsay has to ask what her problem is. Then he asks everyone if they're ready to fight back, and naturally everyone says he or she is.

With a "sweet dreams" and a "fuck off," Ramsay dismisses them. Patrick's annoyed because Ramsay keeps asking him if he's beat and tired, but Patrick, it's only because you're OLD. You're even older than me, and I'm not going on a reality show any time soon.

In the dorms, an upset Christina and Dana talk about the Kimmie-Tiffany-Robyn alliance will be targeting Dana next. "It's on, bitches!" Dana says there's no more playing nice. You guys have been playing nice? Of course, Dana is exactly right: Kimmie, Tiffany and Robyn ARE plotting their next move. I can only assume Tiffany proposes they all get drunk and then spread inaccurate gossip that causes more friction among themselves.

As for Blue, some guys aren't happy with Patrick's leadership. Well, Royce, anyway. Guy, on the other hand, thinks Royce just talks too damn much. Brian wants Royce to shut up, and we watch while Royce yammers on and on at Patrick with everyone sitting around a table, to the point that Brian and Clemenza try to intervene, and we go to commercial with the implication that Patrick's old ass is about to remove Royce's spine via his throat.

In the end, all that happens is Patrick snaps back at Royce, nobody dies, and then Clemenza starts yelling at everyone to man up and move on. "We are not going to win a challenge if we do not act as one," he tells us.

Things are little cheerier in the morning, with Royce calling out to a just-showered Kimmie that next time she can use him as a loofah. Surprisingly, this endears him to no one, and Patrick points out that this is him immaturity that's preventing anyone from seeing him as a leader. That, plus the mental image of Kimmie using Royce as a loofah is going to prevent every viewer from keeping solid food down for the next few days.

Another morning, another challenge. Ramsay reminisces about being a young chef in Paris, and how French food was the best, but of course things evolve, right?

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