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Meanwhile, the men are chugging wine like the world is ending tomorrow, with Patrick showing off the wine knowledge that he gained from three years of living in Napa. In a shocking twist, his teammates aren't wowed by Patrick acting like a know-it-all.

Let's check in with Red -- well, Tiffany is farting, belching and snort-laughing, to the disgust of absolutely everyone, including James, who looks like he wants to put a Hazmat suit on.

After Blue Team returns, strolling the runway and waving their shopping bags around, the Red Team gathers in the dorms, wondering how to solve a problem like Kimmie. No one's sticking up for her. Even Tiffany's keeping quiet, because all the focus on Kimmie has kept everyone from remembering she deep-fried the eggplant.

Kimmie ignores the "stupid Kimmie is stupid" discussion going on, ignores Robyn's entreaties to talk about it, and climbs into bed. "I got crazy bitches on my team," she says.

In fact, both teams crash early. Then Clemenza gets up at 5:15 A.M. and decides to wake everyone else up too. The justification, I guess, is that it's his dish on the menu. I still say he could let everyone have a couple more hours.

Eventually, the teams get to prepping (while the fashion models start ... fashioning?), with Clemenza riding everyone a little harder than he ought to, and the bickering starts bubbling up.

Over in Red, Kimmie is still bitching/refusing to talk about the salt-and peppertastrophe of yesterday, that ends with Kimmie stomping off into the dorms, the tears flowing again. That's just how they roll in Memphis, I guess. "If I could hit her, I would," she says. Instead, she hits the floor-mounted heavy bag a bunch of times. It would look more like she's training were it not for the cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

At some point she returns to the kitchen, and next thing we know it's almost time for dinner service. Ramsay strolls in and tells Robyn he needs some more consistency from her. She screwed her team in the challenge but it's time to move on, he tells her. She mutters that she didn't screw her teammate though, because she and Kimmie are both doing that "Let's just move on -- after I get my last crack in" thing.

Ramsay gathers the chefs for a pep talk and instructions. The first catwalk will occur before they've served the appetizers, then the second part happens after, then it's time for entrees.

"If there ever was a night that timing was absolutely critical, it is tonight," he says. And since the finesse on the plates is so crucial tonight, he's bringing up a chef from each team -- Kimmie from Red and Royce from Blue -- to help plate.

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