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Clemenza Clemency

Speaking of the world's greatest heroes, Brian hops on to help Clemenza with scallops, and the Blue Team gets all its appetizers out, and Ramsay tells James to give the go-ahead for the second part of the show. He wants the entrees to start heading out as soon as the last model staggers off the catwalk.

Robyn hates Barbie's allegedly fake glasses and the fact that she can't remember what the first order is. Patrick promises Ramsay they'll redeem themselves, with Ramsay looking like he's forgotten who Patrick even is.

The second part of the show is swimwear, which means we get lots of shots of the men staring slack-jawed and drooling at the models (including an annoying interview with Patrick, where his pupils appear to be digitally enlarged). Guy says he refuses to be distracted, but then -- with a fuzzy, Dreamweaver border on the screen -- he stares at the women too, while his pan catches fire and starts charring the filet steak. Ramsay orders everyone to get a grip.

Robyn's on the filet in Red, and she's already warning that the beef won't be ready in time when Ramsay wants it. But then she serves it up and Ramsay tells her it's perfectly cooked.

In Blue, Clemenza's on fish and Guy's on meat. Despite it being Clemenza's own dish, he screws up the swordfish (delivered by Justin, who warns Ramsay it's hot). Ramsay dryly points out it's supposed to be hot, because it's a kitchen, and he calls Justin a doughnut. Both those things are true, I imagine. Clemenza manages not to rubberize his next swordfish, and the entrée gets out.

But now Robyn screws up some beef, and she's out. She asks her teammates to get her some from Blue kitchen. Tiffany's too scared to, as is Dana. Christina seems no-nonsense about it, but then after she sneaks over to the back of Blue kitchen, she loses her nerve and doesn't want to get reamed out by Ramsay (being rather conspicuous in a Red jacket in the Blue kitchen), so she goes back and tells Robyn that Blue Team wasn't answering her. The notion that since Robyn screwed up her meat she should get her own damn meat replacement doesn't come up.

Finally, with more beef orders coming in, Robyn finally has to come clean to Ramsay that she's got none left. He's not a fan of her idea to get some from Blue, either. "It's a competition, you silly cow," he yells at her, and then he makes her go out to the dining room with James to inform the table they're out of beef and suggest swordfish or pigeon instead.

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