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Clemenza Clemency

In Red, Robyn isn't content with the victory (despite Robyn, it must be noted) so she pulls Christina into the bedroom to demand to know why Christina wouldn't let Robyn help her. The real tragedy of Red winning is that I don't get to hope Robyn's going home. She's actually pissed at Christina for not letting Robyn help, despite the fact that Christina did fine and Red won.

Anyway, Blue's second nominee? Justin nominates Guy, and Guy says beef can be "tricksy." Patrick agrees, but Guy tries to shift some of Clemenza's blame to Brian, who's rather pissed, given how he actually kinda saved Clemenza's ass. Brian punches the bag, yells a bit, and sits back down.

Clemenza's got another idea: Patrick, he says, instead of running around helping everyone, he should have helped Clemenza when Clemenza was slammed with fish. Royce tells us he thinks it's not a bad suggestion, but we all know that part of Royce's deal is that he thinks he should be leading the team himself. So everyone wants to know who Roshni thinks should go. She hems and haws, and we don't see what she decides.

The teams come back into the dining room, and Roshni tells Ramsay their first nominee is Clemenza, for all the hiccups in fish. And because we have to draw this out as long as possible, Roshni has clearly been told not to simply announce who the second nominee is, but to tell Ramsay that they're having a hard time deciding between Brian and Guy.

When we get back from commercial, Roshni finally says Guy is the second nominee. Jesus, of course.

Ramsay asks Guy -- who's up there for the second time in a row -- why he should stay, and Guy talks about all the fight he has. Ramsay asks him flat-out if he's a better chef than Clemenza. "Clemenza can cook, but I'm a better chef, yes, Chef," says Guy.

Ramsay asks Clemenza why he should stay, and Clemenza talks about how it was his dish on the menu tonight. Unremarked-upon: so why did you screw it up so badly?

Ramsay asks Justin who should go home. Ramsay says Clemenza. Ramsay asks Royce, and Royce says the same thing, prompting a worried Clemenza to start babbling about how he gives a hundred percent. Patrick, looking like he's rather say Guy because Guy nominated Patrick for elimination, also says Clemenza. Roshni? Clemenza. Brian? Clemenza.

Clemenza's reasons, pouring out of his mouth as fast as he can think of them, for staying now include the fact that he's chased animals and chopped down trees. He says he's never stopped and is always helping everyone. He whips around and tells his teammates that he still puts out better food than they do.

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