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What Happened to the Sabotage?

The men would like us to be reminded that they've won all the challenges so far. And while they send food out, it becomes clear that the kids will be chanting things the whole time. That could get annoying, but Colleen, for one, is into it. She's standing in the kitchen and chanting along, which gets on her teammates' nerves. Apparently, they'd like her to be paying attention to the kitchen. Colleen takes a moment to whisper to us in an interview that she can still fit into her cheerleading outfit. Hey, good for you. Chef Ramsay would like her to get the [bleep]ing hash browns on.

The men work like a machine until Chef Ramsay notices some sloppy hash browns and shouts at Robert for awhile. Robert thinks this a bit unfair, since Jay is the one plating the sloppy hash browns. The women are behind, and Coi gets mocked for pancakes which remind Gordon of "rubber knickers." See, he's "Chef Ramsay" most of the time, but for that bit, he's "Gordon."

The men slow down, and it's apparently because Seth isn't cooking scrambled eggs fast enough. Both teams are at forty people served and we see JP high-five a football player. That was weird. There's a flurry of cooking and shouting and both kitchens are on their last ticket. We go to commercial on a pancake with the Hell's Kitchen logo on it. Very nice. And the women win.

The cheerleaders cheer for the women, which is what you'd expect. Colleen does a little cheering of her own in an interview, and the subtitles are careful to point out that she spells out "V-C-I-T-O-R-Y." She's S-M-R-T!

Robert gets on Seth for not having enough scrambled eggs made ahead of time, and Seth interviews that it was a team failure. Because if it was one person's failure that made them lose, that would mean they weren't a team anymore. Well, okay then.

Before the children leave, they all insist on getting Gordon's autograph. He eventually extricates himself, but not before answering "Yes" to one young man's question of "Are you the best cook in the world?"

The men's punishment is to clean the dining room and both kitchens, and then do the prep for both kitchens for the service tonight. The women's reward is described as "Beverly Hills-style camping," which will involve lounging about poolside. As they scurry back to the dorms, Lacey falls down out of pure glee. They also enthuse about how it wasn't a waste of time shaving their legs.

Ben decides to take control of the team, which he does by telling everyone how hard he worked and how many places he helped out. Danny thinks Ben should have been on eggs the whole time. Ben thinks that he helped Danny out specifically, but Danny characterizes that more as "helping me plate pancakes one time." And then Ben's festering resentment at Danny's belief in himself stops festering and erupts into a shouting, fingerpointing, [bleep]ing mess. Ben: "You couldn't cook my [bleep]!" I hope that's not going to be one of the challenges. Danny's defense is "Where you been?" which he repeats so many times, he must think it means something. My best guess is that either Danny thinks Ben must not have been around to see the Awesomeness of Danny or Danny thinks Ben has been barely in the kitchen.

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