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Fire in the (A-)Hole

Over in the red kitchen, Tenille takes some heat for putting up scallops with no color. Suzanne smugly explains that this is what happens when you use too much oil. Tenille makes a grievous error by putting the rejected scallops back in the pan. Several people start directing-slash-screaming at her, and she gets overwhelmed. It ends with a pan full of grease flaring up and Ramsay screaming that she's going to set the place on fire.

Dinner service is 35 minutes in, and the men have gotten all their apps out. The women, however, are stalled, no thanks to Tenille. Ramsay comes over to smother the grease fire and stops screaming long enough for Tenille to collect herself and rally. Naturally, she blames the others for getting in her way. The women try to catch up as the men start sending out entrees. Food is now flying out of both kitchens. Or so we're told. The only one who hasn't hit her stride is Lovely, who took 45 minutes to get the first ticket into the kitchen. She claims it's because Jean-Philippe sent her to get a special bottle of wine. Ramsay takes her aside as she returns from fetching the wine and calls her an imbecile for being so slow.

Soon enough, the women are in the weeds again when Amanda miscounts the number of lamb chops she needs to complete an order. Ramsay has to give Amanda a math lesson. Turns out, three times three is not six! Also, he calls her a "stupid, thick bitch." For my money, the harshest thing he's ever said to a female contest. Then he reams out everyone for serving inferior lamb. Across the divide, though, the lamb is perfectly cooked and served as gimp-ankled Kevin takes the lead for the Blue Team. They only have four tables left and, miraculously, Dave hasn't dropped a plate.

Under Ariel's leadership, the women muddle through, just hoping to complete the dinner service. Then the men stumble when Robert forgets to fire a salmon. This puts them 12 minutes behind, which helps the women get to their last ticket. It's another race to the finish, and again the women complete their service first. Do we seriously need any more proof that Robert sucks?

Ramsay, holding customer comment cards in his hands, gathers the cooks afterward. He tells them he's not ready to celebrate, even though both teams completed service. He tells the Red Team that they receive an 81% "Above Average" score, while the Blue Team received 83%. So, despite their last-minute sprint to the finish, the women lose. That's gotta smart. Ramsay calls out Lovely and taps Ariel as the best of the worst and, thus, the one to nominate two teammates for elimination. And so the politicking begins. Tenille admits that she screwed up but says she persevered and climbed out of the hole. She name-checks Amanda for holding the team up on fish and chicken. Ariel approaches Amanda, who notes that Lovely is generally weaker than she is. And, you know, sucks at life and whatnot.

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