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The teams gather, and Ariel nominates Lovely first for her lack of experience. Second on the chopping block is Tenille due to her failure to live up to her potential. Ramsay calls them forward. Tenille admits she was demoralized at service, but claims it was because her team didn't believe in her. She still contends she's one of the strongest contestants. Ramsay again chastises Lovely for taking 45 minutes to get the first ticket into the kitchen. She points out her high customer satisfaction marks and composure under pressures. Ramsay wonders if she's in over her head. She claims her passion will win out. Ramsay prefaces his announcement by saying he doesn't think either of them has a shot in Hell('s Kitchen) of winning.

He calls Lovely forward first but tells her to step back in line. Then he calls Tenille, dangling the ax over her head as he tells her to "Wake up! Big time." Then he tells her to get back in line. He tells all the contestants that Joseph's self-elimination was a gift to them, because he's not sending anyone home. He tells them all it's their last chance, then snarks, "I'm nobody's bitch!" He sends them off, calling out to Amanda to ask what 12 times three is. By rote, she says nine, then realizes what a frigging idiot she looks like and laughs at herself as she shouts out the correct answer: 36. Ramsay is stupefied.

Next week: Van continues his maniacal march to mediocrity. The prize remains the same. Robert flips his shit. And Dave has a tough decision to make.

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