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Chef Ramsay rounds everyone up to tell them that JP has had to do a lot of stalling, so to show them what he's gone through, Holly and Salvatore will each be assistant maƮtre d' tonight. This will provide shenanigans but presumably be irrelevant to the cooking.

Holly and Salvatore get dressed up exactly like JP. It's adorable.

Salvatore's first ticket is unreadable. Holly's is fine. So the blue kitchen is behind already. Salvatore's excuse to JP is that he can't write in English, but JP points out that most of the ticket is in French anyway.

Maria's first risotto needs more cheese and other ingredients. She admits in an interview that she's never cooked a lot of risotto before. Oh dear. Nilka cuts in at one point and makes Maria send up some risotto she's not sure about, which is praised by Chef Ramsay.

Ed leans into Scott's appetizer station and Scott tells him to back off. "I'm not gonna get yelled at for somebody else's mistake." Scott's potatoes are not acceptable, because they don't have enough color.

Holly and Salvatore chat with the customers.

Jason is behind on garnish, and Chef Ramsay shouts at him for not having stuff ready. Benjamin's meat is acceptable. Some guy who looks like Jesus seems to like it a lot. Salvatore brings back a plate for not being Medium Well, but apparently he didn't write that down on the ticket. Chef Ramsay is furious that this person who apparently barely speaks English and has never worked in the front of the house is not perfect at it. Who knew this gimmick would backfire? Chef Ramsay makes Salvatore go into the kitchen and tell the team himself. He asks for a well done wellington quickly, and the chefs cheerfully agree to do it. That's not enough drama for Ramsay, though, so he shouts a bit about how Salvatore made a mistake. The other chefs still don't seem that offended, presumably because they're glad it's not them getting yelled at.

Salvatore walks out. JP tells him to fight back, but he's done. Out the front door. JP catches up with him in the lobby and implores him not to take Ramsay personally. Salvatore agrees to finish the service, but then he's nominating himself for elimination.

Holly also brings back some steak that is allegedly not medium rare. Chef Ramsay checks on it and sounds pretty disappointed that the customer is correct. Fran, trying to focus on the food to keep her mind off her hand, starts to get some things wrong. She seems flustered and asks Autumn for some help.

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