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If You Can't Stand the Heat...

Down in the dining room, Nilka reports that the first nominee is Fran for all the refires and losing her composure. The second nominee is Jamie for burning the mashed potatoes that one time. You know, the time that was so important that I don't think I bothered recapping it.

Okay. Jamie, why should you stay? "I know I'm a strong chef. My flavor profile is always spot-on." Normally you hear the words "flavor profile" over on Top Chef, not here. Anyway. Fran? "I have a drive like no other." Chef Ramsay says he can't teach an old dog new tricks, which is pretty insulting, really. Fran points out that her hand isn't making her quit. Ramsay sends Fran back to the line and sends Jamie home. Jamie is ticked off.

Fran brags about walking around with burns. Jay says the red team is "a bunch of girls who can't keep their emotions in check." Nilka shows entirely unjustified confidence.

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