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When the dust settles, Ramsay brings the teams in to tell them that they both sucked and nobody won, and presumably they were so awful that the sporting champions sitting at their respective chef's tables were stripped of all their medals. So, you know, hang your heads in shame. He wants each team to think of two members for elimination.

The Blue Team discussion is surprisingly calm, even when Chino tells Natalie off for making him look worse after he screwed up. She maintains she was there to help him.

"She wasn't there to help, she was there to exasperate [sic] how badly I was doing," Chino tells us. Will's got Natalie's back.

And then Natalie starts to cry, because she's got a teammate who thinks she was trying to screw him over. Chino doesn't really buy it, but she tells her team that she would never to do that to someone. Most of the guys don't seem to know what to do about a crying woman, except for telling her not to cry.

The Red Team is also calmer than normal, because Jamie's come up with a system where people get a mark for everything they screwed up to try to determine who should be nominated. "The first service, everyone gets a point except me," says Elise, which... what? Carrie wants to drop-kick the yip-yip dog out of here. She -- perhaps not surprisingly -- doesn't want to use the point system. Jamie insinuates -- not inaccurately -- that it's because she knows she'd get more points. There is a lot of screaming and a lot of "Shut up, I'm talking!" and both Carrie and Elise look like horrible people who maybe need to be locked up far away from where their voices can be heard by humans.

It's time to face the music. Blue Team nominates Chino, because, as Natalie explains, he kept screwing up the meat. And Monterray, likewise with the fish.

As for the Red Team, they're nominating Carrie. "Carrie is our bottom player," Jennifer explains. We get a commercial break before their second nomination is announced, and it turns out to be Elise. "The Team feels that the arguments between Carrie and Elise is definitely part of our problem," says Jennifer.

So all four step forward.

Monterray: "I know I'm a strong cook, I just had a bad night tonight," he says, and Ramsay insists that he shut down tonight. Monterray argues that he didn't, showing some kind of balls continuing to argue with Ramsay, saying he doesn't care what Ramsay thinks (or what anybody thinks).

Chino: "It's been rough, to say the least. I feel embarrassed, and I wish I could show the guys in there what I could do," he says. Ramsay wonders what he's got left to show, and Chino says ,"Redemption."

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