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Too Many Cooks Spoil the Wrath

After the elimination ceremony, Brian really feels like it was near-death experience and pledges to refocus and get serious. Meanwhile, on Red, now with one-hundred percent less Roshni, seems to be splintering somewhat. This could be due to the fact that they are all terrible people who hate each other.

The next morning, Ramsay tells the gathered chefs that they're focusing on Mexican food today, which is the first time they've done so. Really? Racists.

Chef Scott carries in a multicolored piñata donkey, and Robyn makes a joke about wanting to take a shot at Scott's ass. Wait, I thought she was gay? Or was someone just implying that, for homophobic-insult purposes?

Anyway, the piñata is filled with balls, each of which has an ingredient on them. They'll have ninety seconds to grab 25 balls for ingredients for five dishes. Ramsay whacks the piñata but the balls aren't in there (to be fair, Ramsay technically didn't say they were) but come dropping down from the ceiling. Ramsay laughs maniacally while the chefs get to say things like, "I got down on my knees and I grabbed whatever balls were in front of me" and "There were balls literally everywhere."

Once the ball-grabbing frenzy is over, Ramsay tells them they have thirty-five minutes to make five traditional Mexican dishes. Actually, each team will make seven dishes but choose five to present to Ramsay. Brian calls his dish "sexy," which means we're going to see some slow-motion with saxophone over top. Meanwhile, Danielle's whining about how she's supposed to make a burrito fine dining. You microwave it while watching Downton Abbey, duh. When it comes time to select the decisions, though, Blue Team opts for Royce's tacos over Brian's. This kind of emphasis can only mean Blue loses and Ramsay will taste Brian's tacos and declare them sexy and would have won the entire show right there.

Ramsay introduces the guest judges to help with the contest: Thomas Ortega of Ortega 120 and John Sedlar of Rivera and Playa. The teams clap dutifully, given they clearly have no idea who these guys are, although Justin is at least pleased they get to put their dishes in front of big-time chefs.

Anyway, Royce and Kimmie are up first in the taco department. Royce has traditional pork tacos, but the judges don't like the greasiness of the tortilla. Kimmie's shrimp fajita taco is a hit with the judges, who award a point to Red. Brian gripes that Kimmie wouldn't have beat his beautiful, vibrant tacos.

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