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Later that night, Royce is whining that the judges liked Kimmie's tacos better than they liked his, but he's not finding a sympathetic ear in Tiffany, who has decided on a "no bitching" policy. That's commendable, although she might find a "no smoking and drinking straight from the bottle while in a hot tub" policy to be equally as valid. Scratch that. I think a "please put a bra on" policy would be welcomed, at least by me.

Tiffany sits down with Kimmie and Robyn to tell them Christina, Danielle and Dana whined about her tacos. Tiffany is so drunk that she has taken Royce's bitching and attributed to her own teammates, which is so amusing to me I can't even quantify it. Kimmie, upon hearing the fake news that her teammates complained about the point she got for them, doesn't appear impressed.

It leads to a confrontation later, with Red Team sitting in the dorms wearing their team jackets, apparently just before dinner service. Dana is the most vehement in her denial of Kimmie's accusations, and Kimmie doesn't appear to believe her. "They're all lying bitches. I don't trust any of them," Kimmie tells us. Aw, she really has the voice of an angel, doesn't she? Sensibly, she also doesn't think fighting right before the service was a good idea. Since the interview clearly happened some time later, I'm putting my money on Blue now.

Blue's working great together right now, even if you roll your eyes at the revelation that they've all decided to become gentlemen now that Roshni has joined them, which chauvinistically includes deciding Roshni's lady-ears can't handle any cursing. Good job she went on Hell's Kitchen then, huh?

Ramsay peps everyone up for the first-ever Mexican night, but he's not so excited that he lets poor James wear the huge sombrero he's got on. The menu for tonight includes an ahi tuna tostada, tequila cilantro mussels and a New York strip with mojo verde. Kimmie provides the scintillating analysis that it's important to start well with appetizers. But we need some kind of setup to show Barbie messing up the mussels. In Blue, Guy pledges not to serve any bad food, but his ahi tuna comes up stone cold. Then he makes the mistake of briefly arguing with Ramsay over whether it's OK. His second batch is fine. Barbie likewise gets it right on her second try.

Things go really well for Red and they move quickly into entrees, which is where everything goes arse-up. Dana -- blaming Kimmie's instructions -- serves up meat and fish on the same tray, so Ramsay goes on a ten-minute profanity-fuelled fact-finding mission to determine who committed such a crime. No one says anything. Dana figures Kimmie should "man up" because it's her station, while Kimmie thinks Dana should speak up, because "That bitch did it."

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