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Too Many Cooks Spoil the Wrath

Eventually, Kimmie does say she did it, but then glares at Dana to make sure everyone knows who really did it. And then Kimmie and Dana start bickering while the rest of the team (and everyone watching) wishes the two of them would just shut up.

Patrick and Guy are now serving up Blue's first entrees, which are, according to Ramsay, "unbelievable." Hint: he doesn't mean it in a good way. Ramsay also yells at Patrick to control his team, and Patrick says he will. Guy is wisely not arguing this time.

Over in Red, Danielle is telling everyone listening that her pork is "the bomb, yo." Ramsay's opinion -- that her raw pork is "the ultimate insult" -- is slightly different. He punches the pork, and Robyn feels bad for the pig.

Things aren't going well for Patrick and Guy, though. Patrick tells Guy to slice the steak too early, because Patrick's chicken isn't ready yet. Ramsay's in no mood for apologies, and he throws them both out of the kitchen, prompting a crying talking-head with Patrick, who blubbers about how he's never been thrown out of anything in his life.

While Blue tries to pick up the pieces, Danielle serves up her second attempt at the pork. The team watches Ramsay slice and touch it, and they start urging Danielle to just get another pork on the go NOW, because for god's SAKE, Danielle! But a moment later, Ramsay comes back to blister Danielle for another raw serving, and he boots her out of the kitchen.

Justin serves up some pork despite Clemenza's protestations that it's not done, and sure enough, it's raw, earning both of them a one-way ticket off the meat station and into the dorms, so Blue kitchen is down to three chefs. And one of them is Royce, which can only spell disaster.

Hey, everyone, say hello to Barbie! Ramsay boots her for needing a meat thermometer to see if a chicken breast is done. Close on her heels is Tiffany, who burns some mashed potatoes. Make room for Royce, who burns the skin on something, and gets an extra-special "You're in over your head" from Ramsay on his way out of the kitchen.

That means it's down to just Roshni and Brian in Blue, and their confidence isn't helped by Ramsay telling them he doesn't care if he finishes a table with just Scott for help. Great pep talk for the two chefs who haven't yet earned a trip to the dorms!

Two hours into Mexican night. Eight chefs ejected. Ramsay swears on his children's lives that if Blue fucks up this table, they're history. They serve up some chicken and watch anxiously as Ramsay inspects it. It's good enough for service, and the two of them manage to finish dinner service, as do the survivors of the Red Team.

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