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Today Ramsay Settled All Family Business, So Don't Tell Him You're Innocent, Barret

After Ramsay dismisses the chefs, Dan practically throws out a shoulder literally patting himself on the back, since no one else seems ready to congratulate him. Zach wants to know how Dan keeps dodging bullets, and I'd like to know if he's tried actual bullets. On the Red side, Susan is apologizing to her teammates for stinking up the joint, and receives much more support in return.

The next morning, Ramsay leads the cheftestants outside, telling them the ingredients they have now are the freshest they'll ever see. Which means that there's a pen full of live animals outside. Ducks, pigs, sheep, turkeys. Nedra appears terrified of the live animals, while Mary exists in a world of anthropomorphic farm creatures that play concerts at night in the barn when all the humans are asleep.

The teams have to wrestle the animals into cages, each with a starch label that will complement the protein. Nedra almost screws Red by screeching like an idiot and running away from the animals, so there's an entirely reasonable fear that Red won't get their full slate of ingredients, but she eventually shoos a turkey into the yams cage.

I briefly hope that the specific animals will be butchered right there for the challenge, but apparently the proteins and starches are already in the kitchen. Dammit.

The chefs get forty minutes to cook their dishes, much of which, I'm going to assume, Ray spent bragging about how awesome his meatballs are, and how he should open a "meatball factory."

When it comes time for judging, Ramsay announces that the guest judge was recently named the hottest chef in L.A. or something by some publication, and out comes "John Shook," chef and owner of Animal. He looks like your buddy who just got out of rehab and is starting to put his life back together, and I'm willing to bet that this "Animal" restaurant is the kind of place where the logo is very plain, the name written low-key typewriter font. [Note: Accurate! -- Rachel.] Susan knows about this guy, and says she's been trying to get to Animal for a long time.

The judging -- though not all the dishes are chosen, and Dan stews because he gets shunted to the sidelines in favor of Michael -- gets underway. Turkey first: Nedra's turkey legs with sweet potatoes and sweet potato strings. Ramsay mocks her Captain Caveman dish -- has he been to Disney World? -- but despite the fact Shook thinks it should have been cooked a little longer, he gives the point to Nedra over Ray's dry turkey meatballs.

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