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Gordon Ramsay's Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 32
Contestants' Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter: 38
Number of times Gordon said something was going to be the "most amazing" whatever: Two or three

Previously: Scallop-shucking. Robert got screwed on the challenge. Lacey took a nice long nap. Ji's ankle got jacked up. Various types of food were overcooked, undercooked, and cooked correctly. Dinner service got finished, and the men won. Lacey and Colleen got nominated, but Ji couldn't compete anymore. Colleen has a target on her forehead. The end!

Back in the dorms, Andrea is furious that they lost Ji and are stuck with people who aren't anywhere near as good. Andrea's calculation is that 50% of Ji is worth 110% of "some of us here." She gets in Lacey's face about how lucky she is (although I personally think Gordon will be sending Colleen home before he gets around to Lacey), and Lacey accuses her of having turned on her "bitch switch." Lacey appears to still think that team unity is the important thing, while Andrea wants to shout at the useless members of the team in hopes of getting them to at least not spend the entire day in bed. Andrea, Coi, and LA team up on Lacey until she asks them if they think Lacey should go quit right now. If not, then Lacey kindly requests that they STFU.

Everyone falls asleep at 3:00 (we're told) and is then woken up at 6:00 by Scott and Gloria banging on cowbells and shouting "get up!" Giovanni is sleeping on the couch, which means either they didn't have enough beds, or one of his roommates snores. Or maybe he snores. Everyone is harassed out the door and into SUVs. They are driven to "an undisclosed location," where Scott asks if anyone has a heart condition or is afraid of heights. No? Good! Every has to put on black jumpsuits and hardhats and get a barf bag. Because they're going to a big assembly-line meat-processing plant.

In the refrigerated room, Scott shows them a side of beef and points out the various cuts while they stand there and shiver. Lacey interviews that it was very cold, while Colleen interviews that she's from Nebraska and that her mother was a butcher. That could come in handy, I guess, if the challenge is to have your parents come in and do your work for you. Anyway, then everyone goes back to Hell's Kitchen.

Back in the dining room, Gordon has a couple of plastic cows. Scott and Gloria uncover tables with cuts of meat on it, and the challenge is on! Part one is identifying cuts, and the second part is identifying where on the cow the food came from. So the first person puts labels on all eight cuts. Ben goes first for the men and gets one wrong. Giovanni, who worked in a steak house, fixes the mistake. Andrea has two wrong for the women, but Paula corrects them. So now the labels are being applied to the side of the plastic cows, and it's kind of like a competitive version of Good Eats.

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