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Day turns to night (featuring the ubiquitous full moon, five days after we last saw one), and it's time for dinner service. Tonight, it's a steakhouse with two seatings. First, one team cooks while the other team serves, then they swap places. The men prep while Andrea gives her team a pep talk. Then the women prep.

The men choose to cook first. Robert dedicates the night to his fiancee. The plan is for each team to feed as many diners as possible. Jean-Philippe panics at Lacey and Paula not getting tickets in. As Chef Ramsay calls out the order, he smoothly tells Charlie to uncross his arms, and then proceeds to get in Charlie's face about the late shrimp for the Caesar salad. Also because Charlie's towel is on fire. Charlie mumbles something about doing his best, and as sous chef Scott walks by, he snaps, "If that's your best, you might want to rethink your best a little bit." Okay, he didn't really snap it. It's got too many words to efficiently snap.

Thirty minutes in, Ben has three desserts ready. What? Before the appetizers have even gone? I think that's crazy. So does Chef Ramsay, who throws away the brownie and the cheesecakes. Ben interviews: "It was my mistake for not exactly knowing Chef Ramsay's terminology, but [bleep] me if the words 'pick' and 'up' don't mean 'give you the desserts.'" Well, did Chef Ramsay say that? Hang on. Tivo will get to the bottom of this!

Okay, I've gone back and checked. He did, in fact, say "desserts pickup." I don't think he meant "make some desserts right now," though. That doesn't stop Chef Ramsay from shoving Ben out the door and telling him to go upstairs and lie down. Ben comes right back in as the voiceover guy makes some strained pun about "brownie points."

Somebody sends back a salad for having too much anchovy. Lacey tells Chef Ramsay, who says that's what they ordered. Lacey agrees with him, and the next thing you know, he's calling her a "jumped-up bitch" and she's trying not to cry. Nothing much comes of it.

Giovanni and Robert are called on the carpet for some steak that is too rare. Giovanni, who is a steak house chef, comes in for some special abuse as more steaks come back. Giovanni interviews that it's awful, and I agree.

One table has somehow been forgotten. JP tells Lacey to tell the kitchen to fix it. Lacey's complaining tone gets a little high-pitched. So when Jean-Philippe mocks her, he goes even higher and, frankly, sounds a lot like Beaker. The Muppet. JP tells Chef Ramsay that it's because Lacey forgot the table. Chef Ramsay dismisses her with a wave of his hand, and she mutters, "Yeah, [bleep] off with me, I know." I liked that response a lot, actually.

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