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When Chef Ramsay calls out the order, Giovanni says they're down to one filet. Ramsay shouts at him and sends Seth to cut more steaks. Seth interviews about this in an outrageously fake British accent. I half expect him to say "Crikey, guv'nor!" He actually does say "bugger orff." Seth needs Charlie to take the fat off the tenderloin, and we soon see a huge pile of trimmings to be discarded. Seth hides it in a refrigerator, and we see Chef Ramsay go to take a look at it. He calls the entire blue team over to look at the wasted meat and to yell at Seth for ruining the most expensive cut. He throws the entire wad of meat at Seth and we go to commercial.

Gordon and Seth have a little discussion about how this was Seth's first time butchering a filet, and you remember what I was saying earlier about how "butchering" is supposed to be clean and efficient, but sometimes it's used to mean "sloppy and wasteful"? This conversation uses both meanings.

A new set of orders comes in (or is called out or something) and when Giovanni says a New York strip will be four minutes, Chef Ramsay shuts down the men's team. They had two hours. Robert interviews that he embarrassed himself, his family, and his girlfriend.

Now the women will cook while the men serve. The voiceover claims that "the tables have turned," which is yet another cheap pun. As the men greet customers, Andrea walks up to the pass and shouts "C'mon, guys, we need orders! The ladies are ready to kick your... butts." Yeah, just shout into the dining room. Why not, right?

Charlie does not appear to be good at waiting tables. He sends Ben over to one table to ask if Charlie has taken their order yet, because he (Charlie) cannot remember. Did you follow that? If you didn't and are now completely befuddled, you are in the same state of mind as Charlie. Ben rolls his eyes in an interview, as well he might.

Colleen brings two salads (one with shrimp) to Chef Ramsay, but he says he asked for four salads (two and two). She argues with him, then interviews that he's not very nice. He feels that she is [bleeping] pathetic. The next order that comes in is for four salads: three shrimp, one plain. Chef Ramsay screws with Colleen a little, making her repeat the order for him. And then again. And again. And on the fourth time, which he told her would be the last time, she blanks on it. He can't believe it and goes for a little walk. Lacey interviews that Colleen deserves to go home more than she does. Colleen mutters, "I have no idea what's next. He's been making me yell." Look, I'm not entirely without sympathy here. But if you can't cook and yell at the same time, Hell's Kitchen is not going to work out for you.

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