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Chef Ramsay isn't going to bother with that, and just calls Charlie and Seth forward. Charlie, why should you stay? Essentially, "because I can cook and I have more experience than Seth." Let's go word-for-word on Seth's nonsense: "Oh, I think Charlie's comment is a great comment that I do not have as much experience as him and I believe that that is where you would come into play and, uh, paint a canvas for me [this is where Chef Ramsay points at himself incredulously] and teach me what I need to know for the rest of my life. I absolutely am floored by this experience, Chef. I'm learning more and more each day; I cannot believe how much I'm learning. I'd absolutely love the opportunity to stay here. I'm absolutely loving being yelled at, I, I, " and that's enough, I think. He goes on for a few more sentences before Ramsay tells him to shut up, but you get the idea.

And the person who goes home is... Charlie! Because Chef Ramsay doesn't "feel it." Charlie feels that he made the wrong decision. Chef Ramsay tells Seth that he was "that close." Seth interviews like a jackass. Lacey interviews that she's still here. The end!

Next time: cheerleaders! Robert imitates Chef Ramsay. Danny and Ben shout at each other. There is some good sauce and some bad salad. The most controversial Hell's Kitchen yet! Supposedly.

Montykins thinks its weird that his Tivo lets him order pizza online while he watches a show about cooking. Monty also has a blog devoted to Movie Novelizations, cleverly entitled Monty on Movie Novelizations. You can email him at montykins@gmail.com if that's your idea of a good time.

Would you dare to tuck into a plate served up by a HK chef? We wouldn't. Find out why with our Hell's Kitchen: 10 Reasons We Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Eating There gallery.

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