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Blue! Andy has seven, and Van (a fish cook!) has nine. Tony has another nine, bringing them to 25. Joseph has only five. Dave, who I'm surprised is still wearing his cap in the kitchen, has four. Kevin says his shrimp are perfect, and they are. Up to 43. We're down to Jim, and he only needs two. It came down to the last chef? Shocking. His first shrimp is okay, but it comes down to his last one. Shocking. Anyway, the blue team wins. Tony exults: "Right. On. We are the [bleep]. For now." Yes, always be sure to keep your trash talking reasonable.

Chef Ramsay harasses Tennille a little about her shrimp, and she cries in an interview. The red team's punishment is to prepare a whole lot of "amazing shrimp cocktails". Ariel complains that she does not like shrimp. It's the little leggies, isn't it? Oh, and they'll be segmenting lemons and taking out the seeds. Meanwhile, the men are heading out to Newport Harbor and eating on a hundred-foot megayacht. Yes, megayacht. That would make good Sci-Fi Original Movie. Excuse me, I mean "SyFy Original Movie". I hope their new name doesn't mean they're going to stop making terrible CGI monster movies!

The red team is removing seeds from lemons and complaining about how much work it is. The men walk through whooping up a storm. Robert tries to take a break, but Tennille insists that everyone keep deseeding the lemons. Tempers are running high, and Lovely is wondering about lunch.

The blue team sits down to lunch with Gordon Ramsay, who assures them that every service makes them stronger, and that he got yelled at a lot when he was coming up. Joseph doesn't care. He interviews that this isn't teaching him anything. "What gets accomplished by running your mouth? Not a thing." And he says pretty much that to Gordon! "I didn't come here for lunches. All this, y'know, it's not what I'm here for. I'm not gonna lose my eye on the prize." Dave claims that everyone's fired up, although I have to say that Dave has not yet looked even remotely "fired up" about anything. Joseph insists that he cares so little about the lunch because he's so awesome. Then the megayacht shows up with Jean-Philippe on it. Gordon leaves the blue team to it.

On the megayacht, the guys are sitting around marveling at the fact that they just had lunch with Gordon Ramsay. Except for Joseph, who is openly dismissive. Back in the kitchen, Suzanne is harassing Tennille about not doing a good job on the shrimp. Tennille interviews, "You can clean shrimp. Good for you. You're not even a good person." Well, yeah, but the challenge was about the shrimp, right? Not the contents of her character? As they're sniping at each other, the blue team strolls back in talking trash.

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