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Meanwhile, Lovely is cooking her scallops on someone else's burner. Why? Because the gas is off on hers, apparently. Nice job. Her excuse is "Tek told me it was on." That might not fly. [Clearly, Lovely didn't pay attention to the videos they were shown at the beginning of the season. -- Angel]

Blue team has some appetizers ready to go, so Van starts the scampi machine (or whatever). But! The scallops are cold in the middle. Ramsay tells Tony that he should have better vision than anyone "with those four eyes you've got". Seriously? Jokes about glasses? Anyway, Tony has to go out to Van and tell him he [bleep]ed up. Right in front of the customers, you talk like that? Van tells him to get going. He seems vexed. Kevin takes over the fish station and seems to do a good job.

Red side! Robert's on risotto and messes up a couple different ways. He has some strained analogy about having sex at the prom, but I'm going to skip it. Tennille interviews that she realized that he's not the savior. "He's no different from any of us! All he is, is bigger and talk more!" Robert sets his pan on fire and gets shouted at.

Out in the dining room, Jean-Philippe is trying to give Van some tips, but he's too tense to listen. Van goes to the wrong table and gets yelled at by Ramsay from inside the kitchen. The customers seem to enjoy Van telling them "I'm going to go get yelled at right now. I'll be right back." JP claims he can't understand Texas English.

Tennille meanwhile has some slightly undercooked shrimp, which is a bigger deal than usual because her customer is pregnant. Her team is unhappy about redoing the appetizers. Van, meanwhile, is being charming. He's also dropping pans of shrimp on the floor, which means that he has to run back to the kitchen for a new pan. The running makes JP furious, and he stops Van by putting his hand to Van's chest and shouting at him. Van takes exception to this and flips over from laughing at JP to being legitimately angry at being pushed. Chef Ramsay drags them both into a back room to find out what's going on. JP explains that Van is not respecting the dining room. Van in an interview: "Bitch, shut the [bleep] up. He thinks he's some kind of boss man around here. He ain't nuttin'." Chef Ramsay just tells them both to do their jobs and ignores the argument. When they leave, Van goes first and JP mutters "Ladies first." I mention that because I think it lends balance to Van calling him a bitch.

Tennille comes into the red side to announce that she's backed up six tables. Ramsay tells her she's sunk her team.

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