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It's Raw, Dog!

Van goes for a walk, which is probably a good idea at this point.

Dining room. Seething chefs! Ariel's first nominee for the red team is Tennille for "serving raw shrimp to a pregnant lady". Second is Lovely for "overall performance and experience". Chef Ramsay asks Joseph who the nominees are. His response? "They can speak for themselves, but they know who they are." Chef Ramsay doesn't care for that. "Hey, smartarse. I asked you to tell me. Who's the first nominee, and why?"

Joseph nods. "No problem. Tony. And Andy." Chef Ramsay doesn't care for his attitude. "Listen. I know you may be slightly stupid" -- at this point, Joseph has the Crazy Eyes -- "First nominee, and why." "First nominee and why? Tony. He knows why. We sat down as a group. Everyone picked each other. No peer pressure. We're men!"

Gordon stops him. "Just, just ,just. What do you want, a medal?" Joseph is getting angry. "What do you want me to [bleep] say? What do you want me to say? They now who they [bleep] are! We chose as a group and they stood out and they said they belong there." See, I think Gordon's hoping for something more along the lines of "couldn't cook fish". Joseph's still blathering on. "They stand up, they know who they are." He folds his arms to give the thing a sense of finality.

Gordon walks forward (out of his light!). "Listen, you idiot. I asked for one nominee and why. Plain English. And you're mouthing off and you couldn't answer me. Now can you just tell me, in [bleep] plain English, the first nominee and why he's nominated. Is that [bleep] clear?" It appears to be clear. Gordon goes back to his light and complains that Joseph can't answer a simple question. Joseph takes this opportunity to declare, "I ain't no [bleep] bitch, chef. I don't give a [bleep]. I ain't no bitch." Gordon speaks for everyone when he says, "What?!" Incidentally, Tony and Andy have to be feeling pretty relieved at this point, because Joseph appears determined to deflect attention from them. Joseph attempts to clarify his previous statement by clearly enunciating the words "I'm not no bitch."

The other chefs can't hold back anymore. Robert tells him Chef Ramsay is trying to bring the best out of him and he should look past this. Suzanne (I think) tells him to show some respect, and Joseph tells hr to shut her [bleep] mouth. It's definitely Suzanne who asks Joseph if he wants to be an executive chef and gets told (possibly for the second time) to shut her [bleep] mouth. Chef Ramsay is legitimately appalled. He tells Joseph to "answer the [bleep] question". Joseph tells Gordon that if he keeps talking like this "out in the [bleep] parking lot there will be trouble.

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