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Can't Anyone Here Cook a Risotto?

The next day, the women are doing prep. Siobhan is unsure what consistency to make the potatoes, and Autumn assures her that it doesn't have to be perfect. You know, I'm not absolutely sure that's Gordon Ramsay's philosophy in a kitchen. On Siobhan's other side, Fran starts poking at the potatoes. Then Nilka tries to get Siobhan off the potatoes so she can do it herself.

It's time for the service. Chef Ramsay allegedly surprises the teams with the news that they'll be doing tuna tartare tableside. Isn't this the sort of thing you have to know before prep starts? And ideally as far back as when you were slicing up the tuna? The people working tableside will be Fran and Scott, which probably means that Gordon thinks they're good chefs and wants to keep them out of the way for a few episodes. Chef Ramsay asks Salvatore to name the desserts, and he can't name even one. Out of the kitchen! Get out! And study a menu. That's not as much fun as throwing someone out before the service even starts.

In a seemingly irrelevant moment, we see Autumn pouring salt into a pot of water while listening to her talk about how "the last thing we want to do is lose." Then Chef Ramsay tastes the water and makes everyone taste it. It's gross and salty. He demands to know who did it, and Autumn says she seasoned the water "originally" but that someone else must have added salt after her. Maria, in an interview, is not impressed. Nothing comes of it. Open the kitchen!

Jay is sent upstairs to get Salvatore. As he comes back, the first order comes in. Salvatore manages to say the desserts. The women's water isn't boiling yet. And it's time for Mikey's risotto! It is... undercooked. Chef Ramsay tells Scott to go serve that table more tuna tartare.

Siobhan is on risotto for the women. And as if that weren't enough bad news, she's getting help from Autumn. Chef Ramsay spots Autumn seasoning the risotto over Siobhan's shoulder and orders her to order Autumn to get up out of her business. Nilka tells them to knock it off and just cook.

Fran has trouble finding the right table. I think we're supposed to be laughing at her, but this isn't really her gig, you know? People in the kitchen don't always know where table 30 is. I'm not that offended by it.

Back to Mikey's risotto. After 43 minutes, it gets out of the kitchen. But the customers declare it undercooked and send it back. Mikey's cohorts despair. Chef Ramsay shouts at him. It's [bleep] ahoy in the kitchen! Benjamin tells Mikey to relax and not rush. Over on the red side, they're on entrees, but Nilka is late with the garnish. She stops answering the other chefs, and that's never good.

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