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Can't Anyone Here Cook a Risotto?

Salvatore brings Lamb Wellington, and it's done correctly. Nice to see. But Jason's chicken isn't ready. He tries cooking it faster, but that never works. He takes Chef's Ramsay's abuse well and starts another chicken. Well handled.

On the red side, Jamie's salmon has some sort of problem and there's a communication breakdown. On the blue side, Andrew's talking up a storm, but he's not talking to anyone. He might be talking to the garnishes he's working on. When he asks Jay to bring up some garnish, it doesn't go well. The mashed potatoes look like soup. Chef Ramsay shouts at Andrew and explains, as you would to a small child, how to make mashed potatoes. I would actually appreciate that, because my mashed potatoes never come out right. But we don't see enough of the explanation for me to make use of it, and now Andrew is disagreeing with Chef Ramsay. He doesn't like being told he can't cook risotto in a sauté pan. He tells Chef Ramsay this, and promptly gets thrown out of the kitchen. But first, Chef Ramsay gets in his face and tells him he's a joke. He's not shouting here, so I think there's a chance he's legitimately angry.

Andrew is in the dining room, because he wasn't sent back to the dorms. He starts to walk out the front door, but JP stops him. "He's just testing you," explains JP. Andrew doesn't want to go get yelled at again. He decides he doesn't need this, so he takes off his shoes (I'm not going to explain that. So there!) and leaves. Scott gets called in from the dining room to cover for him.

Then both teams suddenly complete the dinner service! So that's two episodes in a row, which is an improvement on last season. Chef Ramsay lines everyone up. He complains about Jason's chicken, Mikey's risotto, Nilka's garnish and Jamie's general cooking. Nobody wins. Each team is to come to a consensus on the one person from their team that should go home. Will they have the sense to limit their choices to the people that Chef Ramsay explicitly criticized? Let's find out!

Jay thinks Jason should go. So does Benjamin. Jason mocks the very idea that he could be nominated. He suggests Salvatore, as does Mikey. Mikey interviews that he was surprised that no one nominated him. And he appears to have the sense not to suggest it. The women, meanwhile, start to lean on Nilka. But Maria makes a good case for Autumn, who couldn't salt the water properly.

Down in the dining room, the women say that they have a decision. Maria announces that Autumn is their nomination, for the salty water. And what else? Siobhan says she's not a team player. Okay. Benjamin puts Jason forward for the men because "he's not a team player, and he makes it difficult for us to work with him." Chef Ramsay seems skeptical that Jason is the worst cook on the blue team, but all the men assure him he is.

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