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God Bless the Children of the Feast

Anyway, the men get back, drunk and horny and waving their toy swords and shields around. Tommy actually instructs the "wenches" to bring him a flagon of mead when they're done, while Paul looks genuinely excited about the prospect of playing on the playground equipment later. No, it's for actual kids, not kid-sized chefs, Paul.

It's really amusing how the men have gone from vehemently opposing the addition of a woman to hanging off Natalie's every word. And while she outlines the organization tips (lists, etc.) that the women have used to be sharper in the dinner services, Elise is leading Jamie and Jennifer in a discussion of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Carrie?" As Elise is all, "All she did was heat up the béchamel sauce," Carrie, who was listening in, stomps over and tries to point out that she was helping others, including Jamie, and then the two of them get into a Don't-Give-Me-Attitude-off. "I didn't say a fucking word! So you shouldn't be giving me any attitude!" Jamie snaps at Carrie. The rest of the team seems to have come to the conclusion that Carrie is short a few chromosomes.

So prep work begins for the nightly service, with Blue Team communicating well, and Red Team barely saying two words to each other. Krupa thinks this is positive. "What better way to avoid a drama than not talking?" she says.

It's Family Night, the most popular night at Hell's Kitchen for some reason. (Are parents that eager to bring their children to watch a Brit scream obscenities at sweaty short-order cooks?). Gina and Chino have been dressed up to help out maître'd James, and a kids' menu has been added: chicken tenders, burgers and spaghetti. Well, there's some culinary innovation right there. Also, each table will be served a complementary margherita pizza. "Margherita" is Italian for "Where are all the toppings?"

Anyway, Chino brings in his first order, written illegibly with no indication as to what the side orders are supposed to be. "Piss off, Chino," says Ramsay. Yeah, I can see why Family Night is so popular. On the plus side, Chino uses the always-fun word "discombobulated."

Gina apparently delivers an order that is at once both readable and cookable, so Red Team goes to work. Elise is on the pizza station, and she's determined to win, you guys. She wants to get them off to a roaring start, and her first pizza is complimented by Ramsay. They get that out before Chino even gets his first order in, but he finally does, and Blue Team hunkers down.

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