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God Bless the Children of the Feast

And then the most wonderful thing happens: Ramsay tells Gina to bring the Red Squad 'round to every table to apologize to all of their diners in the hopes that their experience at Hell's Kitchen hasn't put them off food altogether.

MaƮtre'd James plays it up by acting like he's starring in some sort of video urging donations to help starving children in Africa. Elise calls it humiliating. "Yes, we're a team, but you can only do so much when you have a broken leg."

On their way back into the kitchen, Carrie is in the midst of apologizing, when Ramsay tells them the group apology is the first useful thing they've done all evening -- as well as the last: he orders them out of the kitchen, and he berates them as they file out, telling them to hang their heads in shame, telling them they certainly don't care about the children. "You absolutely sucked! Piss off! Embarrassing! And on Family Night!" In the dining room, some moppet mimics him, all "Shut it down!"

This Amanda person is freaking out, figuring Ramsay's going to call her out, but it's obvious the team is going to throw Carrie to the Ramsay wolf. Carrie tries to talk to Elise, who is in no mood to even be aware that Carrie exists in the same universe. "She can talk up on the chopping block, that's when she can fucking talk"" says Elise, who then proceeds to ask Carrie if she's on medication, and accusing her of fucking up the rhythm of the whole kitchen. Much screaming ensues -- and then we go to commercial! What the balls!

It's two hours into Family Night, and the Red diners sit there glumly, but the Blue Team is pumping out enough food for everyone, and they close out the night. Ramsay tells them to hold their heads high. "I love my team. I just couldn't help smiling all over inside," says Natalie.

Elsewhere, Elise is screeching that this falls on the meat station. And by "meat station," she means Carrie, not Jennifer. Carrie admits she got frazzled and fucked up with the raw lamb. "'I fucked up with the raw lamb?' How about 'I fucked up the entire night?'" says Elise. "I do deserve to be here! I'm not ready to leave Hell's Kitchen! I'm ready to fight!" Carrie tells us.

They file out into the dining room to face the music, and Ramsay wants to know what happened to the crackerjack team they used to be. Elise says a bunch of stuff that settles on "Carrie." Ramsay asks Jennifer, who gives vague answers about being unfocused, until he tells her what a luxury it is to have two people on a station, at which point she says she wishes she had been alone, and blames Carrie. Ramsay says that despite them all jumping on the Carrie bandwagon, no one stepped up to the plate tonight. He asks if anyone else has anything to say, and Jamie talks about how people need to adjust their attitudes. Krupa agrees, but it's a useless thing to say, because everyone agrees that attitudes need to be adjusted, but no one ever thinks it's their own attitude that needs adjusting. "Who has the problem with their ego?" asks Ramsay, and Krupa talks about the tension between Elise and Carrie.

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