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God Bless the Children of the Feast

This naturally puts Krupa in Elise's crosshairs, so now suddenly the defeat is Krupa's fault too, according to Elise, and Krupa's all, "you see what I mean?" "This confirms why no entrees left your kitchen," says Ramsay. He doesn't ask who they're putting forth for elimination, and tells Jennifer to step forward (she swears), and once we get past the commercial break, he (big shock) tells Carrie to step forward as well. Elise can barely contain her smile. Then Ramsay tells this Amanda person to join them.

Carrie does her best to fake tears while she tells Ramsay, "I love cooking. It's my passion, it's in my heart." She says she's going to prove to him she's good enough, and he asks why her team wants her gone, and Carrie says she doesn't know what Elise has against her, and then this Amanda person pipes up that it isn't just Elise. Elise is LOVING this.

As for this Amanda person, she says she's not in denial, unlike Amanda, about her crap performance tonight. She says she can do better, and he's seen her do better. He tells her she didn't fight back but threw the towel in.

And Jennifer? She says she's one of the hardest workers in the kitchen, which makes Ramsay wonder why she didn't take charge, and Jennifer passive-aggressively says she thought her partner could handle one task out of seven, prompting a "don't throw me under the bus!"/"we're not throwing you under the bus, you suck!" discussion between the three potential losers.

Ramsay decides -- not really surprisingly -- that it's time for this Amanda person to go. Carrie appears to suck more, but for television purposes, she's already fought more and (potentially) banged more guys than this Amanda person has, so she'll stay. "Good night and good luck," Ramsay tells this Amanda person as she leaves, and Elise calls out, "Love you, this Amanda person!" and this Amanda person doesn't even turn around but flashes a peace sign over her shoulder, which is good, because it takes care of any lingering sympathy you might have for her. "I'm so completely and utterly embarrassed and disappointed with myself," says this Amanda person, adding that it sucks that one of her heroes told her she's not worthy.

Ramsay tells the rest of the cooks that the lesson to them is that when you screw up, no matter how big or little, you fight back and show him you belong there. "Never, ever give up. Got it?" They say they got it, and he tells them to get out. Elise wants to puke, while Carrie crows that she's not going to let anyone stab her in the back. Will, meanwhile, says that as low as the women feel right now, he wants to drive them lower.

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