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All About Scallops!

Ben has a replacement risotto. Scott and Chef Ramsay taste it and it's termed "delicious". Lacey's scallops are also good enough, which means Chef Ramsay can again harangue Colleen about getting cooking lessons without paying for them.

It's 7:23, an hour and a half into dinner service. Seth and Charlie have a lobster spaghetti with no lobster in it. This goes over about as well as you'd think, and Charlie is reduced to saying "We're stupid" as an excuse. Gordon demands that Seth tell him the name of the dish (which is "Spaghetti Lobster" according to Gordon), but all Seth can do is fumfer. On the red side, there is a burnt salmon that's raw in the middle and no John Dory. That's apparently Colleen's fault, and Chef Ramsay smells blood. He gets right in her face and demands that she admit that she doesn't really have a cooking school. Colleen responds, "I have a business just like you do." Gordon shouts, "You're robbing people! You're a thief! I'm concerned for the poor bastards that you've taken money off of!" As he shouts at her (and she visibly bites her tongue), she burns some salmon and she gets thrown out of the kitchen and over to the raw bar. Lacey's now on fish.

Colleen interviews that she will not be broken by Chef Ramsay. She might get eliminated, but not broken. Well, okay. I guess. Moving on! Danny's got some nicely cooked lamb, and we hear Chef Ramsay and Sous Chef Scott apparently discussing how good Danny's meat is. Um. Not like that. The point is that Danny's got blue team entrees going. On the red side, Ji is barely maintaining. That is, she's doing okay but would prefer not to be reminded about her ankle. She's putting it out of her head. On the blue team, Giovanni is dared to eat his own raw salmon, which he declines to do. Giovanni interviews that he doesn't like being yelled at from two inches away. Well, would you?

The voiceover claims that the chefs are of high quality as the teams are just a few tables from being done. The men have four tables to go and the women have five. Whichever team finishes first will win! Faster faster faster! Shouting! Plates! Ding!! Ding! Final ticket! Exciting music! Loud noises! Commercials! Carol needs three minutes! Ben has a hot plate! The men win! Ben shouts at everyone to clean up. Ji limps into the back to elevate her foot and get it on ice. The team tells her she'll be fine and that she won't be going home. She certainly didn't seem like a problem.

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