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Gordon rounds up the teams. He praises Ji for not giving up, unlike some people. Then he harasses Colleen with the lie about what "Those who can't do" do. (They recap. Wait, no, that's not right, is it? Where's my Bartlett's Familiar Quotations?) Colleen explains that she can too cook; it's just that he made her nervous. LA can't believe Colleen is still talking. Chef Ramsay sends everybody back to the dorms. The women are to pick two people. The men are to piss off.

The women want to nominate Lacey even though they acknowledge that she did a good job with the fish. Carol in particular is still incensed by Lacey spending all day crying in bed while the rest of the team worked. Lacey thinks this is not fair. Andrea thinks Carol isn't that great either. I think as long as they nominate Colleen it doesn't matter what else happens. As they go down to the kitchen for elimination, Ji is in a wheelchair and flinches pretty hard when it hits a bump. I think she might have a bigger problem than a sprained ankle. The flinch kind of turns into a shudder, too. Ouch.

The nominees are Colleen and Lacey. Ji looks awful. Lacey, why should you stay? "I woke up and I do have confidence in myself." Colleen? "I want prove to myself and to you that I'm worthy." Lacey points out that she may not be great, but she had to take over fish from Colleen. After a lot of stalling, Chef Ramsay is prepared to announce his decision. But Ji raises her hand to volunteer to leave. She feels she's only at half power, although Andrea thinks half a Ji is better than a whole Lacey or Colleen. Ji's near tears as Chef Ramsay agrees that she should go. But! She gets to keep her chef jacket, which is a really nice touch. And she gets a standing ovation from both teams. I mean, the red team was already standing, but the blue team stands up for her.

Ji is sad. Chef Ramsay praises her courage and commitment. Lacey resolves to keep her mouth shut. Ben thinks that the red team losing Ji is good for the blue team.

Next week: Sides of beef! Something called a "bitch switch"! Vomiting! Crying! Grilling! Wasted meat! Gordon yelling at Colleen! Something about "Today, I was supposed to be married!"

Montykins is having trouble thinking of Gordon as "Chef Ramsay" after seeing him sad about killing his piggies. Monty also has a blog devoted to Movie Novelizations, cleverly entitled Monty on Movie Novelizations. You can email him at montykins@gmail.com if that's your idea of a good time.

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