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The red team's kitchen is sending out the appetizers tickety-boo, except for Carrie, who keeps going to the wrong table, and seems annoyed with Ramsay for expecting her to be things like "accurate" or "just barely adequate" or even "not a complete moron." "Chef Ramsay was on me like white on rice!" Carrie complains, and she may not even want to sleep with him anymore. The table she's currently sweating over a Caesar salad for doesn't seem super impressed, so Krupa shows up to bail her out.

And Chino thankfully gets the risotto right, and the appetizers now seem to be going swimmingly for the blues, and Brendan on the fish station ready to move to entrees, even though his team -- and Ramsay himself -- isn't ready for it. He's cooked the bass, but the other meat and the garnish aren't ready. "You've got to work as a team! Please!" says Ramsay.

Krupa's help on the Caesar salads enables the women to catch up to the men on entrees, and the men now have another problem. Brendan serves up the sea bass requested in the first ticket, and Ramsay wants to know if it's the same sea bass he prepared early. Brendan says it isn't; he says he threw out the first one, and Ramsay is all "show me or it didn't happen" so Brendan goes digging in the trash for it -- but can't come up with it. Ramsay is on the verge of turning into Samuel L. Jackson's Jules from Pulp Fiction if he finds out Brendan's lying to him, and he promises to tear the kitchen apart.

We go to commercials first. Hey, I see Zooey Deschanel is in a new show playing a quirky woman! Finally!

Anyway, we come back, and Brendan folds under questioning and admits to not putting down a fresh bass. Ramsay tosses the tainted bass in question, and the blue team stands around like they're not sure what to do in the event of the first homicide in Hell's Kitchen history. Ramsay's not mad, Brendan. He's just disappointed. And also mad. Paul decides to cut the awkwardness by at least starting a new sea bass and ordering everybody back to work on the rest of the order. "Brendan's an idiot for lying to Chef Ramsay," Chino tells us. There were probably innumerable ways for Chino to have ended that sentence.

Ramsay, who is remaining admirably calm, is all "how dare you" at Brendan for his whole charade of looking for the sea bass that he knew wasn't in the garbage can. "You do that to me one more time, trust me: fuck the elimination, I'll send you out there and then," Ramsay tells Brendan, who says it won't happen again. Brendan, surprisingly contrite, tells us Ramsay isn't stupid, and he called Brendan out for blowing smoke up his ass.

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