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Coi and Lacey get into a bit of a fight in which Lacey refuses to help get the souffles ready because she feels that Coi has been rude. The Bleep-O-Fucking-Meter gets a bit of a workout in this scene. Lacey interviews that every time she works in a kitchen, she has to deal with "stupid bitches." Well, it looks to me like you're the one not doing your job, Lacey. I can't wait for you to tell me they're all just jealous of you and your supposed hotness.

Chef Ramsay innocently walks into the middle of the fight, where Coi is furious at Lacey for not having her station ready. Lacey snottily claims that Coi threatened her (which she sort of did, in a "if I get sent home because of you, I'm coming after you" obvious posturing kind of way), and Chef Ramsay has to talk Coi down. But I think he secretly likes the fire. I mean, it's not like he's historically been opposed to crazy people cursing up a storm in the kitchen, right?

Before we get into the preparation of food, we're going to go with the wacky music to watch the misadventures of Carol and Giovanni the Waiters. Giovanni can't explain what polenta is! Jean-Philippe gives him a pep talk while Carol brings the first order to the red team. The menu appears to include spaghetti and lobster, John Dory, scallops, and salmon. No risotto? You gotta have risotto! When Chef Ramsay calls out the order, there is no reply. Here's a tip for people who have apparently never seen the show before: Gordon Ramsay likes a loud kitchen. He likes communication. And he especially likes a nice, loud "YES, CHEF!" when he calls out the order.

Twenty minutes in, Giovanni gets his first order in. It does include risotto. And Beef Wellington, which makes me think this is just the same menu as last season. When Chef Ramsay calls out the order to the men, Robert is talking over him. This, naturally, angers Chef Ramsay, who makes Robert call out the order. Robert interviews gleefully, "Yeah, gimme the reins, man. Lemme drive this bitch!" I think I like him. At least he called out the order right!

On the red team, Lacey's scallops are waiting at the pass. They put her on scallops? That's crazy! I told you, hide her in desserts! Chef Ramsay calls her out on her raw scallops and sends her back to do it again. She interviews that there must be something wrong with the oven or something. Yes, I'm sure that is the problem. On the men's side, Ben and Robert (that's the intense guy and the fat guy, if you're having trouble keeping track of sixteen people) have undercooked their pasta. Fools!

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