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A Shucking Disgrace

The chefs file back to the dorms following Tavon's ouster, with Guy pissed at Royce, who is too busy being too sexy for his jacket to pay much attention.

Both teams flop out into bed, looking exhausted, so I can't imagine they're pleased to be awoken by some terrible funk-rap band exhorting them "Wake the funk up" and "Get the funk out of bed." In that vein. Shut the funk up!

The teams gather in their pajamas outside, where Ramsay unveils 125 scallops each buried in two mounds of ice. Briana proves she managed to make it to at least one elementary school science class by telling us, "Ice is freezing." Ramsay orders them to get all the scallops. Royce gets a scallop in the face, which perks Guy up, at least. Tiffany, busting out all over the place as she digs, thinks Barbie didn't pull her weight. "Dig, bitch!" she says. Not to Barbie, but to us. Because everyone's tough in the interview.

Inside, in the kitchens, where they're thankgodfully dressed now, Ramsay tells them they have to shuck, clean and cook scallops, since they sucked so hard at it last night. Ramsay demonstrates proper shucking technique. Guy has never opened one before, and he doesn't look impressed. Likewise, Kimmie calls it nasty and disgusting, like she's such an oil painting in the morning.

Anyway, the first team, working in pairs, to cook six perfect scallop dishes wins. The women go for quality while the men go for speed, so the idiot men plate them improperly. Women score a point, while the men bring up a plate of unevenly sized scallops, and the women get another point for another perfect plate. Justin decides to take matters into his own hands, which a person shouldn't do if he's useless. The women build up five points to zip.

"The men need a miracle to catch up, but right now they'll have to settle for Guy and Royce." Nice job, sarcastic voiceover guy! The men finally score their first point, and Patrick and Chris bring up another good plate. Then the women bring up some mismatched scallops and are starting to feel the pressure. Barbie and Tiffany bring up the clinching plate -- cooked beautifully by Barbie, who supplied half of the Red Team's winning plates -- and the women celebrate with hugs and cheers. One of the women says, "Sorry, guys!" and Barbie misses the sarcasm and says she's not sorry, because they worked hard.

Their prize: a trip to Catalina via yacht. They scream with excitement, although one of the women is concerned because she didn't bring her passport. It's OK, dear. California recently signed a cross-border movement agreement with the United States. You should be fine.

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