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A Shucking Disgrace

But the Red Team has yet to serve a single appetizer. Barbie cooks better than she counts, because she serves up eight scallops for two orders when they need ten. It seems like a momentary setback. She serves up a couple more and the order gets off.

Chris, meanwhile, seems completely discombobulated by having to cook up four orders. He opts for four different pans for the orders, and when they're sent up to the pass, he goes ballistic. He orders the Blue Team to come touch them, and it's only AFTER that that he makes them sit at a table and choke them down before they get back to work.

Barbie's scallop-cooking streak comes to an end when she serves up two plates of overcooked ones, and Robyn's all too happy to proclaim that everything Barbie touches turns to shit. Seems like Robyn's forgotten how responsible Barbie was for earning them yesterday's yachting and zipline trip.

The men are on a little thinner ice than Barbie is with Ramsay though. "God help anybody, if ANYTHING'S wrong with this next ticket," he yells at them, and then freaks out when the men send six to the line to cook the scallops, but at least they get the ticket right and the appetizers are starting to move out tickety-boo. For the men, the fact that any Blue diners are getting anything to eat at all tonight means they've already improved upon their last service.

Time for the entrees! Robyn asks Barbie how long for the sea bass, and Barbie tells her "Two minutes!" and then gets annoyed because when she said, "Two minutes?" Barbie failed to say, "Yes." Or something. Barbie serves up overcooked bass to go with Robyn's undercooked lamb. Robyn blames Barbie for fucking her on the timing.

Over in Blue, Chris wants to put himself back on the map. But since he's serving up raw fish, the only map he's getting on is hanging at the Centers for Disease Control. Royce also seems to be screwing up mashed potatoes, and then a tinkly piano underlies an interview in which he tearfully apologizes to Ramsay for disappointing him. You keep waiting for the punchline, like maybe he grabs his crotch and then expresses again how amazing he is, but it doesn't happen.

Two hours into dinner service, and neither team has sent out an entrée. Red Team is falling apart largely because they have no leader and communication has completely broken down. Ramsay orders them all out of the kitchen, and then it looks Ramsay decides to cook everything himself, which I'd enjoy watching.

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