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A Shucking Disgrace

Back in the dorms, the Red Team continue screaming at each other, Robyn calling Barbie a bitch and Tiffany slamming a pan of something to the floor while screeching and Barbie asking, "What is wrong with you?" because seriously, what is wrong with Tiffany?

If there's a homicide, we don't get to see it, but I think we probably ought to do a headcount, just to make sure. Blue Team doesn't last much longer, because Ramsay gets a piece of overcooked steak. "I'm opening a steakhouse in Vegas," he reminds them all before sending them off to the dorms too. "Just give us another shot!" Royce says (to us), although I think he means, "Just give us a fifteenth shot!" James makes his apologies to the hungry diners, who are all sent on their way.

Once the chefs have reassembled, Ramsay yells things like "ridiculous" and "embarrassing" and "catastrophiscallop!" OK, I made up that last one. But he is pissed about the scallop meltdown because of how much time they spent on it.

The losing team. The women. And the men! Ramsay characterizes them, respectively, as a sinking ship and a runaway train. He orders each team to come up with two individuals to be eliminated, and ends with a classic "Fuck off, all of you."

In the Blue Team's discussion, Chris takes responsibility for the scallops and puts himself up for elimination, with respectful agreement from the rest of the team. Things are a little more contentious for the Red Team, some of whom seem to be screaming at Barbie. "Nobody wants your bitch-ass here!" Tiffany informs us. Tiffany's a strong contender for the Least Likable Contestant award already. This despite the fact that Barbie seems willing to go up for elimination. Kimmie yells something about being from Memphis and calls Barbie a "ho." Sorry, Tiffany, pass that trophy on to Kimmie. Christina interjects to let them all know that since they have one nominee now they might want to figure out who ELSE Kimmie needs to call a "ho" and say something about Memphis.

Dana tells us they all want Barbie to go home, and she convenes a side-committee meeting to say she doesn't think anyone else warrants being eliminated, so they'll nominate Roshni, which would mean Ramsay wouldn't have any choice but to sack Barbie.

This despite the fact that at the VERY LAST ELIMINATION, Ramsay eviscerated the men for nominating someone who didn't deserve it and picked another candidate himself. I swear, the heat in the kitchen is cooking off some brain cells in here. Roshni doesn't seem entirely happy with the decision. She points out to us that that's not what Ramsay asked them to do. Too bad she doesn't appear to stick up for herself with the other women.

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