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Meanwhile, Royce has finally found some anchovies, a task that probably took only 30 seconds in actual time, but now the problem is Tavon serving up some raw squab. Royce shows no shame in dumping on someone else now that the heat's off him.

In the dining room, the diners are starting to wonder where their food is, because if there's one thing Hell's Kitchen is known for, it's never delaying food while Ramsay screams at his new chefs who are working together for the first time. "Leigh Bodden" is a "pro football player." At least he was, although he didn't play the 2010 season due to an injury and then he was released last year and hasn't been picked up by anyone else. So we're not talking Tom Brady-level status here.

Other chefs try to get around Tavon and send other orders out, but their scallops suck too, thanks, apparently, to Tavon's hackwork prepping them.

So an hour and a quarter into dinner service, the Blue Team hasn't sent out a single appetizer. Brian tells us that Tavon treated the scallops "like a homeless rat" whatever in the world THAT'S supposed to mean, like maybe the Blue Team shouldn't trust Brian around the knives either. Ramsay mocks Tavon's executive chef credentials. Tavon says he froze, and then he chuckles, earning himself a trip out of the kitchen, which doesn't seem to bother him too much.

Finished screaming at the men for a moment, Ramsay wanders over to the Red Kitchen, where the women are firing out the appetizers to the diners' delight. At least until Christina screws up the beef Wellington. And then screws up another one, so they have to reroll them, causing a long delay and the chance for the HK sound guy to stick in some crickets chirping in the background.

Apparently it's Royce who's now tasked to succeed where Tavon failed, and Royce also, again like Tavon, appears to enjoy referring to himself in the third person. Only Royce can't even cook spaghetti -- spaghetti! -- and gets thrown out of the kitchen himself. So we need a third scapegoat, which is when Don puts his hand up and says, "Well, how about if I severely undercook the onion tart that we're replacing the awful scallops with?" That's what happens, and a blisteringly angry Ramsay orders the entire team out of the kitchen.

Justin says he's never been so embarrassed, and anyone in there who wasn't doesn't belong in a kitchen in the first place. Too bad for the Blue diners. Who's going to feed them? Not the Red Team, unless the diners want some of Red's still-raw beef Wellington. Ramsay kicks them all out of the kitchen as well, and Christina's in tears over her performance.

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