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Next up: Amanda, with an eggplant rollatini with creamy polenta, vs. Brendan with salmon with a basil cream sauce. Amanda's is seasoned perfectly, he tells her. As for Brendan? "This came from Harvey's restaurant where you were a cook," says Brendan, rather smarmily. He tells us he did a lot of research to show Ramsay he'll go the extra mile. Ramsay praises it, awards them both a point. If Ramsay notices the severe apple-polishing, he doesn't say anything about it.

Next two: Jennifer, from Boston, with "Jenny's pork," and we don't hear anything more about it other than it's got her "special marinade." Served with green beans and sweet potato, looks like. Ramsay chews thoughtfully. "It's not bad. The pork's moist, tasty." Jonathon is from Memphis. "What the fuck is that on a plate," says Ramsay, looking down at what appears to be orange squares, strawberry salad with nuts and pineapple and apple? "I call this the punch-drunk chicken," Jonathon tells Ramsay. I guess there's chicken in there somewhere too. Jonathon tells us that because he's got the Southern flavor, he puts a lot of flavor in the food, and if Ramsay doesn't like it, he's full of shit. Ramsay looks like he's not sure where to begin, but finally picks up the pineapple -- oh, there's the chicken. Hiding under the canned pineapple. Canned pineapple? asks Ramsay. "Limited time today," says Jonathon. Well, you weren't required to grow the pineapple, Sawyer. Ramsay says 45 minutes is plenty of time. He can't believe Jonathon's serving him canned fucking pineapple. "You can fuck off now. Serious," says Ramsay, who offers to pay for Jonathon's ticket home. Then he says "forget it" and everyone reacts like he shot Jonathon, and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Jonathon has declined the early exit from the show, but Ramsay's so pissed at the canned pineapple that he refuses to even taste the dish and awards the women a point, tying the signature dish challenge at two-all.

Up next: Krupa, with -- in response to Ramsay asking, "What in the hell is that there" -- a traditionally Gudjarati dish of stuffed naan. It looks like the green sauce has dried up somewhat, and doesn't look too appetizing, if not exactly like four shits on a plate, which is I think what Ramsay says here. At least he tries it, but says the spices are "raw" and "bland." "My dear Krupa, that is crappa," he says. I bet if had been good he would have called her "Supa Krupa!" Krupa, identified as a private chef, cries and tells us he thought she was a joke. She insists she's better than this.

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