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Off to a Bad Start

Ramsay can't deliver the order to the red team over Elise yapping away, so he orders "big mouth" to deliver it herself, which she does: scallop, two risotto, for appetizers.

Ramsay lays into Monterray for delivering the garnish well before the dishes are ready, while Carrie's scallops are ready before Elise's risotto is. "It's extremely frustrating because I was doing my part!" whines Carrie.

And now the risotto is ready, only it looks like watery Minute Rice, and Ramsay ain't taking that shit out there. So Krupa's on it, and Elise is indignant about being replaced by someone she only just met today. She says she can kick Krupa's ass with a blindfold and a broken arm.

Blue side: Steven gets lambasted because delivers food for the second ticket before he's finished making food for the second ticket, over Will's protests. "We don't have the time to sit here and do shit twice," Will tells us. The blue diners finally get their first appetizers, while Krupa brings up the risotto. Ramsay angrily asks who made it before saying it's delicious. Then Krupa squeals and dances and Ramsay shits all over her, telling her to make ten more like it and then all the other dishes before she pulls something like that. "Don't start peeing your knickers now," he says.

Fred Lynn, Baseball Legend, gives his seal of approval to the risotto, as the red diners are finally starting to receive their food. But Chino delivers some subpar fish entrée to the pass, and Ramsay bellows that it's burned and throws it out. "I burned the miso cod. And I should know that shit too, because I'm Asian," Chino tells us. Heh. Jonathon also tells us that Chino really fucked up the cod. It was like roof tar, apparently. It was no canned pineapple, that's for sure. Chino's sent to the sidelines to peel garlic, or whatever.

Krupa tells us the girls made a pact not to lose tonight. Oh, well, you made a pact. She delivers a perfect Wellington, and entrees start leaving the kitchen. Baseball legend Fred Lynn approves again. Not exactly teeming with even C-list celebrities this episode, are we?

Steven brings up some scallops to Ramsay, who then gets in an argument with him over whether the "springy" scallops are ready. Ramsay calls them rubbery, and Steven's punishment is to go sit next to Chino and eat the scallops. He merrily stuffs his face. "I think they're perfect," he tells us. "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," says Paul. So Tommy takes over the fish station, and Ramsay's scallops go from rubbery to "boiled bits of shit." He's benched too, and Ramsay even sends over some sauvignon blanc to go with the raw ceviche scallops.

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