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Off to a Bad Start

As for the blue team, Jonathon and Paul stood there with their pants down getting fucked. Ramsay basically asks Brendan if he gives a shit, and Brendan oozes insincerity as he says they'll try not to let the customers down next time. "I'm really happy for Paul, that he actually learned how to cook protein," he says, prompting Paul to invite him to fight right now.

So the teams are both losers, but the blue team, having sent out zero entrees successfully, is the bigger loser, so they've now got to figure out which two people to let stand for elimination. They sit around in silence for a minute before Paul decides to challenge Brendan to a fight again, while Brendan makes fun of him for acting like a tough guy and calls him a "breadcrumb dumpling." Chefs have the best insults! You're a gnocchi! Yeah? Well, you're limp watercress! Will figures Paul and Jonathon should be out of the discussion, but he thinks Steven should be up for it. Steven protests this, since he at least got some appetizers out. Paul suggests Brendan and Chino, since nothing on their side got out. "This fucking sucks," says Tommy, while Will picks his fingernails and lets the cigarette dangle from his mouth while he says, "It's what we signed up for, guys,:

So: the men come back out, having reached consensus. First nomination: Steven. "The different methods he used failed," says Jonathon. Second nominee: Monterray. "I've never had sides stop an entrée from going out, and it was really fucked up. It pissed me off a little bit," says Jonathon. Ramsay calls them worthy nominees, but he's got a third one who should be nominated, but we've got through a commercial break first.

When we get back, Ramsay adds Chino to the chopping block, and tells them to step forward.

Monterray says he should stay because he knows he can do better than Steven: "He tried to step up to the plate and he really didn't do what he said he was gonna do." Neither did you, points out Ramsay. "Yes, chef, I know," says Monterray, who adds some nonsense and trying his best.

Chino admits to overextending himself, and Ramsay points out that Chino spent more time peeling garlic than cooking, and he's looking for an executive chef, not a prep cook. Chino wisely doesn't point out that Ramsay was the one who sent him to peel the garlic.

Anyway, Steven thinks Monterray should go, because he and Chino at least got some appetizers out. "Honestly, all three of you sucked," says Ramsay, who then says his decision is Chino and Monterray. Both of them step forward, but it's a fakeout, and Ramsay sends them back into the line, and brings Steven forward.

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