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Lobster? Hardly Know ‘Er!

In the fallout of the disastrous men's service, Zach figures Jeremy is hanging on by the skin of his teeth, although Zach's dismissal would be a little more badass if he actually said "sayonara" instead of "sara-nara." Jeremy calls himself "humbled," and props to him to using that word correctly instead of the way it's used today by people who win awards and claim to be "humbled" by the honor.

Anyway, Red isn't about to let the fact they won stop them from getting into an argument about who threw whom under the bus, although it's mostly Nedra versus Gina. Again, Gina is remarkably cocky for someone who blew off the entire morning prep. Gina winds up slamming her door and knocking a ceiling panel loose.

The next morning, soldiers are descending on Hell's Kitchen to rustle everyone out of bed. Gina seems particular put out that the soldiers are exhorting her to join her team, but she doesn't think those "little bitches" have treated her like a teammate, and she's done with them.

And by "done with them," she means -- as we find out when the groggy cheftestants are assembled outside for Ramsay -- quitting. She vaguely alludes to personal issues in saying she has to leave. Ramsay asks if she's sure she wants to throw in the towel, but it's not like he's going to waste any time on someone who quits after the first dinner service. Nedra says "bitch" approximately eighty times in her response to the whole thing, so you can imagine how broken up she is about it.

Anyway, the soldiers are there for Ramsay to make a labored point about teammates working together, and the soldiers demonstrate by helping each other climb a ten-foot wall in the parking lot. "My big ass climb over the wall? No!" says Nedra. Well, I'm glad she's the one who said it.

Fortunately for them, their version of the wall is only eight feet high (with an added boost for the red team). Then they've got to wade into the huge lobster trap and pick out a lobster, and the goal is to get as many lobsters as they can. The climbing begins, with Jeremy taking the role of human catapult, throwing his teammates over the wall. Anthony rolls his ankle (a replay of it is particularly stomach-churning to watch) on his dismount. But don't worry, he's not going to pull a Gina or anything!

After the five minutes are up, Ramsay praises their teamwork. The women have collected thirty-one lobsters, but the men have thirty-seven. "We finally beat the girls!" says Ray. On EPISODE TWO. But there's not even a prize, because that was just step one of the challenge. They're ordered into their chef's costumes to continue, but the lobster-catching adrenalin has apparently worn off, as Anthony's ankle is causing him grief, and so far this season we're two for two in terms of visits from a medic.

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