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Lobster? Hardly Know ‘Er!

In keeping with the theme, Ramsay tells them all he wants to see some good teamwork, and Hell's Kitchen opens for service. Tonight there will also be, naturally, a lobster special served tableside by Nedra and Jeremy.

Red's off to a bad start, with Mary soaking the risotto in white wine and not reducing it enough. Man, you know you're struggling when Danielle tells you you've got to pick it up. Christian and Zach in Blue, meanwhile, overcook scallops. SCALLOPS AND RISOTTO, people. SCALLOPS AND RISOTTO. These are not new menu items!

Jalen Rose is in the dining room, and Jean-Philippe explains to Nedra that he's a "massive NBA player" even though he retired like five years ago. Nedra asks if he's the one in the suit, and I'll give her credit and assume there are more than two people we see at Rose's table, because the shots kinda make it seem like Nedra wanted to make sure the NBA star wasn't the tiny Asian woman sitting next to Jalen. The upshot is Jean-Philippe wants her to schmooze with him, and lord knows when I'm at a restaurant I want one of the chefs to come over and tell me about all the rest of the other bitches on her team.

Christian jumps the gun on scallops again, so he has to refire for the first appetizer order, which still hasn't gone out. Then there follows several minutes of rising frustration at Christian.

An hour into dinner service, and almost no food has gone out. Christian's next round of scallops is late, but he finally gets a properly cooked batch up to the pass. Red's not so luck; the risotto is soaked in wine again, and Ramsay asks Danielle if she's got a drinking problem. She asks if he wants "about a tablespoon" and he seethes at her that it's about burning off the alcohol. "I'm great at what I do, but this is [bleep] hard. This is harder than hard," Danielle tells us. A frustrated Ramsay orders other Red team members to show the two "fucking idiots" how to make a risotto.

In Blue, Jeremy is trying to help Christian, but Christian keeps insisting he's fine. To be fair to Christian, Jeremy seems comatose most of the time, so maybe Christian didn't the poor guy to overexert himself. Christian brings up some rubber scallops, and Ramsay orders him and Jeremy (for not helping enough) to sit at the chef's table and cram them in their food holes.

In Red, Mary and Danielle try again, and Ramsay praises Mary's delicious risotto. Yay, food is coming out! Christian and Jeremy return from their banishment! Oh, wait, things are going to shit in the Blue kitchen again. Jon gets kicked out of the kitchen for fucking up the lamb, and -- wait, is he throwing the WHOLE team out? Yep, he sure is! Ninety minutes into dinner service, and no entrees have gone out.

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