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Three down, with one about to be eliminated, and despite the fact we just sat through three minutes' worth of previously-on scenes, we have to watch the elimination get set up again, with the screens dropping down from the ceiling, alight with the flames of hell and poorly cleaned barbecues.

Ramsay announces that the first chef through to the Hell's Kitchen final is Christina. She curses in surprise and gratitude, and hugs Ramsay as her portrait appears on one screen. Ramsay calls the other two chefs' names, and they respond with "Yes, chef," and Dana sounds resigned, like she doesn't think Ramsay's going to be after an all-vagina final two, and sure enough, Ramsay names Justin as the other finalist. Dana hugs Christina, and Justin apologizes, before Dana is summoned before Ramsay, who tells her she's great but not quite ready but she should hold her head up high, etc. etc. She gets to keep her black jacket, so there's that.

As we watch her montage, she tells us Hell's Kitchen was so much harder than she thought it would be, but she's proud of how well she did, plus she got to serve David Beckham, which is priceless to her, even if servicing him was more what she was interested in.

As for Justin and Christina, forty-eight hours from now, one of them will be the head chef at Ramsay's new restaurant, so they need to start thinking about their winning menu, with "four stunning appetizers, four stunning entrees, and three desserts," he tells them. Not stunning desserts? Well, that takes some of the pressure off.

Both of them are giddy at knocking out sixteen other chefs to get here, and aren't spoiling the mood by thinking too much about how the other one's going to have to go down now. Instead they pour champagne and Christina says "Take him to flavor country" and I guess that means the champagne has hints of tobacco.

So they're up to all hours working on the menu, smoking and grinning. Justin's thinking about how proud his father is going to be of him, and we see some pictures of a very young Justin and his dad, who Justin says always told him being a chef wasn't for Justin. "My fuckin' father's going to be so fuckin' proud of me," he says, and I have to say my dad would cock an eyebrow at the F-bombs, but he would yes be pretty proud of me too. He can't wait to show his dad what he's made of himself, and I hope to god this is a happy thing and not an occasion for Justin to rub his dad's nose in it.

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