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As for Christina, she's cooked her whole life, with her mother and grandmother in the kitchen teaching her, so she's just got to put her "heart out on those plates" which sounds disgusting, and she'll win.

Late to bed, early to rise, for the chefs, and they soon get a call from Ramsay, summoning them up to his office, so they run, just in case Hell's Kitchen hinges on who gets there first.

Sitting them down, Ramsay tells them it's crucial that they go over every detail with their sous-chefs, except there's one problem: Andi and Scott aren't there. "They're waiting for you," says Ramsay, and Christina and Justin nervously chuckle before realizing that maybe there are more details available, so they ask where they're going, and Ramsay tells them they're poolside, Las Vegas, today -- it's a day of pampering (and sous-chef consulting) in Vegas, and they've got to hustle because the jet is wheels-up in sixty minutes.

They run to change -- VIP days aren't quite the same when there aren't losers doing prep in the kitchen to gloat at, I imagine -- and soon they're airborne, clinking champagne glasses with Ramsay, who tells them to enjoy the moment, and how cool would it be for the three of them to get sloppy drunk and start telling each other how much they loooove each other, and then we watch a Christina montage and HOW ANNOYING IS IT that even long after she was eliminated, I still have to have Kimmie on my screen? Christina talks about how proud she is to have made it here or whatever, and says something about putting her heart on the plate again.

Then, after Ramsay has a flight attendant bring out special chef's jackets for the two of them, we get the Justin montage, which features a lot less of people screaming at each other, which is a relief although maybe a little sexist in terms of how reality shows present women versus men but whatever, and then Ramsay asks them who's going to win and they answer "I am" at the exact same time, so I guess dinner service will be the tiebreaker.

And it's on to Paris Las Vegas, that weird place where they have replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe (although to be fair, Paris has a couple of replicas of the Statue of Liberty). Justin and Christina receive hand massages in their separate cabanas, only to be interrupted by chefs Scott and Andi respectively, because it's time to get down to bidness and finalize tomorrow night's menu.

That done, Ramsay's got another surprise for them: lunch with their families (Justin's parents, and Christina's mom and girlfriend) followed by VIP tickets to a show. At lunch, Justin's mom tells him they're proud of him, which seems to touch off him expounding at length about how his making the final shows what's made of, and I'm surprised he didn't throw out a shoulder patting himself on the back like that. Christina tells us that seeing her mom and girlfriend reminded her of what she's missing, and she's got a whole new fight inside her.

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