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Out to judge the ribeye round is Ramsay's right-hand man, Stuart Gillies, who will oversee the opening of Gordon Ramsay Steak. Christina's got a port-wine ribeye (Gillies says it's "nice and visually good" even though Justin to us sneers at it, calling it "just steak on a plate" and "completely old-school" and he's "not about that at all" like SHUT UP JUSTIN) going up against Justin's rib-eye, which is so not old-school or steak on a plate because he PUT SOME ONION RINGS on top. There are also nettles and chorizo. "That's me on a plate right now," says Justin. Gillies says it's well-done but since this is a steakhouse and it's gotta be "about the steak" he picks Christina's dish, throwing Justin for a loop. But in a TOTAL CHANGE, he's completely confident about his next dish.

For the filet, Ramsay announces he's bringing out a living legend, someone who's got six restaurants in Vegas alone. Who else is going to be but Wolfgang Puck? (The on-screen graphic goes with Spago for Puck's restaurant of choice.)

Justin has a charred filet mignon with a butter-poached lobster and a glazed carrot dressing. "I like it," says Puck. Christina counters with a pan-roasted filet, haricots verts (sounds classier than "green beans") and gorgonzola mashed potatoes. "Not bad. Mmmm!" says Puck.

He thinks they both did a fantastic job, and once we get through the commercial break, we see that he's having a hard time making a choice. For the presentation alone, he would pick Justin, he says, but for taste, he'd go with Christina (which to me makes the choice obvious, but I'm no Wolfgang Puck). Ramsay urges him to make a decision, and Wolfgang decides to go with taste and picks Christina.

And since Justin lost, he's dismissive of the contest, calling it "preseason" and that tomorrow is really the contest and Christina had better watch out. "I have what it takes and I've never been so determined in my life," he says.

After that, it's back to the hangar with Ramsay's but before they go back to L.A. there's one more thing they need to do: pick their team from the gang of arseholes eliminated before them: Dana, Barbie, Clemenza, Robyn, Brian, Kimmie, Royce and Patrick. Christina alludes to the real important part of picking your squad: avoiding the people who will sink your chances rather than help you. "Their future lies in your hands," Ramsay tells them.

Robyn sulks that she wasn't surprised to see Christina and Justin in the final, but she's not going to jump up and down about it. It's cute that Robyn thinks anyone might care if she'd jump up and down for Christina and Justin.

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