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Since Christina won the challenge, she gets first pick. Even better, she's not stuck with last pick. Big surprise, she goes for Dana first. "We're only, like, best friends," Dana reminds us. Also, "She's awesome, I'm awesome."

Man, I'm not going to record the bullshit little reasons Justin and Christina give for each pick, I'm just going to give you the teams in order of selection: Christina: Dana, Patrick, Kimmie and Robyn. Justin: Barbie, Brian, Royce and Clemenza. The last pick is dragged out beyond all reason, although to be fair to Christina, she's trying to decide whether she wants fast and annoying or slow and good. Eventually she goes with Robyn, and Clemenza's pissed that he's the last pick. "If you don't like me, fuck you," he tells us, and Ramsay stokes it a little bit by giving him a high-five and saying he didn't expect Clemenza to be picked last. Clemenza's all, "I know!"

So the chefs jet back to L.A., where Brian holds a meeting of his teammates presumably so they can all express their gratitude for having been chosen by him. Christina starts going over her menu, some peach-goat-cheese-pepper salad thing that sounds disgusting, and Dana starts getting all shouty because Christina decided to combine the troublesome scallops and troublesome risotto into one mega-troublesome appetizer. "This menu is going to be a lot of work," Dana shouts at us, and she suddenly sounds like she's not super-interested in helping her friend anymore. She's also got a fourteen-ounce bone-in veal chop, which makes Kimmie go practically apoplectic, because that's an enormous chop, and maybe all the chefs who have already been eliminated should stop criticizing the decisions of their chef since she's still, you know, IN THE THING.

Over in Justin's meeting, Clemenza's yawning and unable at all to keep up with anything that Justin's saying. He could not look less interested in the menu. "I need Clemenza to stay focused," Justin tells us, and then he throws out a question to the group: Who's there just to be there, and who's there with something to prove? It's directed at Clemenza, who knows it, and he snaps that he doesn't have anything to prove to anybody, and at some point Justin tells him to shut the fuck up. Things don't get better: Clemenza, annoyed that Justin is taking issue with his lack of interest and shitty attitude, eventually takes Justin up on his suggestion that if he doesn't want to do his best, then he should just get out now. "I'm done with this fucking kid," Clemenza announces as he gets up and walks off. Well, if Clemenza leaves, what Hell's Kitchen will save in laundry costs they can use to hire another chef.

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