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What Happened to the Cooking?

Danny is happy about some fish on the wall, forces John to agree to have booths along the wall, and obsesses about whether there's enough stained oak for his booth plan. Then there are hugs as the relatives (and girlfriend) leave and Paula and Danny go up to the dorms and go to sleep.

Half moon. Well, at least they're mixing it up a bit in this episode!

The next morning, it's on. Paula is jazzed. Danny talks about his "biggest test". They go down to the dining room, where Gordon, Scott, and Gloria are behind a long table with six large domes on it. It is immediately obvious that the chefs who have left us are hiding under the table with their heads under the domes, and that Gordon will soon be lifting the domes and there will be a lot of theatrics about the funny, funny prank. So let's get on with it.

Chef Ramsay tells them that it's the most important night of their entire lives, and that there are key ingredients under the domes. He counts down from three, at which he, Scott, and Gloria remove the domes. The predicted theatrics ensue.

Okay, so now we're in the kitchen and the six potential brigade members are lined up: Andrea, LA, Ben, Lacey, Carol, and Giovanni. Danny won the challenge, so he gets to pick first. More importantly, that means that Paula will have last pick, so he'll get to stick her with Lacey. I'm guessing. Let's find out together, shall we?

Danny picks Ben. Paula picks Andrea. Danny takes Giovanni. Paula takes LA. Danny has a choice between Lacey and Carol. He takes Carol, leaving Paula with Lacey. Lacey is already drama-ing it up about being picked last in gym class. Andrea looks like she will cut Lacey's throat if she gets in Paula's way. I think that's a good role for Andrea. She'll knock some heads together to keep things going right.

The teams are sent up to the dorms to go through the menu and make sure everything's together. Danny's plan is to emphasize that he's no longer a co-worker; he's the chef and they're the brigade.

Next week: cooking!

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