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Revenge of the Downtrodden

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Previously: We were down to four chefs, who had to recreate Gordon Ramsay's fish stew. Danny and Paula were pretty much tied, but Danny won. The service went okay, but Ben and Andrea both made mistakes. Ben and Danny wanted Andrea to leave, but Paula and Andrea leaned toward Ben. Ben finally got sent home. There was a supposed treat for the top three (Danny, Andrea, Paula), but the show ended before we got to see it.

It's the scene in every reality show where the contestants are really, really excited to see their family members, who they haven't seen for like a month. This always happens, so I'm not questioning anyone's sincerity, but... it's been a month. I've been on vacation for a month before, and I wasn't in tears when I saw my family again.

The chefs interview about how excited they are and how they want to win for their families and all that, but before you know it, it's time to kiss the families and send them on their way. Gordon says, "What a lovely surprise!" which I don't think you're supposed to say when you're the one giving the surprise.

The families leave and the chefs go up to the dorms cheering and hugging.

Full moon. Next season, I'm going to count them. That'll be exciting for everyone!

The next morning, the chefs return to the dining room. Chef Ramsay lays out the challenge: they'll be serving lunch to 100 customers, who are special in some way. Each of them has 90 minutes to cook 100 portions of whatever they like. As they rush around, he tells them to just do small tasting portions. Danny interviews that he intends to put seafood and fruit together, because that is his signature flavor. Man, I wish I had a signature flavor. I wouldn't have to sign anything anymore; I'd just tell people to taste my checks. "Strawberry Kool-Aid. That's Montykins, all right!"

Paula interviews that Danny is her strongest competition because he keeps cool, unlike Andrea. As if edited together by a team of professionals who are trying to convey a story in the way they select and present footage, the television now shows Andrea cursing up a storm while looking for something in the kitchen. Danny also thinks Andrea will crumble. With ten minutes to go, Chef Ramsay is harassing Andrea, telling her she's running behind and needs to finish on time. Andrea starts talking to herself, telling herself to push things out and put things in jalapeƱo butter. Everybody finishes on time, and the customers come in. They're chefs from across Los Angeles, which means they ought to know a thing or two about good food. There are Zagat and Michelin-rated chefs here. They introduce themselves for awhile as Chef Ramsay points out which ones have gotten James Beard awards and Michelin stars. He's obsessed with Michelin stars, you know. Danny asserts that this lunch will be gnarly. Well, okay.

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