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Revenge of the Downtrodden

Gordon and Paula leave the TV studio and come back to the, um, TV studio that looks like a restaurant. Danny and Andrea keep cooking.

We jump forward to the chefs finishing off prep for the night's service. Everyone claims to be ready to cook well. Chef Ramsay tells them that two of them will advance and one of them will go home. He also informs them that he'll be putting each of them in charge of the pass. Not at the same time. That would be confusing. He instructs them to "make it yours", which means "shout a lot," I think. And here come the customers!

The voiceover narration tells us that "Tonight, every table is booked in Hell's Kitchen." Yeah, well, every table is always booked in Hell's Kitchen. Say, before we get into the dinner service, I have a personal anecdote I should like to relate. This last week, I got fed up with always seeing Beef Wellingtons being made (and burnt) and not having had any myself. So I found the official Gordon Ramsay beef Wellington Recipe (from the F-Word, I think) and made some myself. And it was, in fact, delicious. Mine looked a little lumpy and misshapen because my cut of meat wasn't trimmed as nicely as it was supposed to be, but I made the dish out of fresh, local ingredients and it was yummy. Also, almost all of the work is done during the prep. All the chefs have to do is to pop the Wellington into the oven when they want to start cooking it. So they should stop screwing it up, is what I'm saying.

Okay! Enough stalling! Let's get it on! Sous chefs Scott and Gloria are helping out in the kitchen because there are so few contestants left. Paula's Risotto and Andrea's ... something ... are good. Paula gets slotted into the pass. She's pretty nervous with her first ticket and says "Away" instead of "On order" and keeps stopping to say "Stand by". And this is the part of the show where Scott and Gloria purposely screw something up so Chef Ramsay can see how careful the contestants are. It's a little bit formulaic at this point. Anyway, Gloria is doing a squash puree instead of carrot. Paula doesn't notice, even though Chef Ramsay makes sure she tastes it. Paula shakes it off and starts shouting things in a proper manner. Scott brings something up, but this time Paula's on her guard: "Scott, I don't know what that is, but it's not the watercress soup. Can you redo that, please?" Gordon tells her it was really spinach soup, which looks the same.

Paula gets her orders up and out. Now it's Danny's turn and Chef Ramsay has some advice for him: "Look at me. You taste everything, run your [bleep] kitchen, you don't let the kitchen run you. They're not your mates. Is that clear?" Danny tells us that he runs the pass at home every night and that this is second nature. He'll have no problem! So here's Danny on his first ticket: "Um. Um, uh... um." Hey! Don't start a ticket with the word "Um". Banned! Anyway, he continues: "All right, listen up. Table 53, five covers. You have one scallop, one risotto, one soup, and one spaghetti." Everyone says "Yes, chef!" except for Chef Ramsay, who yells "Stop!" My guess is that he's going to object to there being only four things on this ticket.

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