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Revenge of the Downtrodden

Yep. JP has sabotaged the ticket by leaving off an appetizer and not including a time. Moving forward, we see Danny's voice crack as he calls out an order and Gordon catching Danny as he starts to put spaghetti in a bowl instead of on a plate. As Danny catches Andrea's well-done scallops, Gloria is sabotaging some potatoes and Danny doesn't notice that they're raw. Danny tells us that he just needs to calm down and get in the game. And just as with Paula, we see him being in charge and keeping track of things once he recovers.

Andrea's turn. She should be pretty good at the pass. She's bossy and she has a piercing voice. I mean, a lot of the time that's not great, but this is where those character traits start to pay off. The kitchen moves quickly until Scott brings her halibut instead of John Dory. She is cheerfully angry at herself in an interview. Can you be cheerfully angry? Well, she is. She does act like someone who's in charge, not being afraid to tell Gloria that there's too much salt on something and to refire it right away. Gordon looks nonplussed and a little impressed. When Andrea tells Scott he needs to season something, we actually see him mutter "Oh, come on!" and "You don't know what the [bleep] you're talkin' about." If anything, she might be being oversensitive here, but I'm not sure Gordon Ramsay acknowledges that as a possibility.

Andrea interviews that working the pass was the least nervous she's been. She tells Scott to redo some eggs because "these look like Hell". He asks if she's sure, and she affirms that she is. Scott mutters "Go [bleep] yourself, you stupid [bleep]." Gloria laughs at him. She continues to lean on him about various dishes with possibly imaginary problems and Paula is also openly snickering. Andrea interviews, "He just kept giving me excuses! Now I know why Chef Ramsay is such a [bleep] lunatic." Danny also smirks. Scott: "I'm telling you right now, I'm gonna [bleep] punch her in the face!" This is awesome.

After Andrea catches some unseasoned fish (from Scott, who is now muttering "[Bleep] you" every time Andrea says anything), she is sent back to the fish station. The service is getting toward the end and Chef Ramsay tells everyone it was their best service yet. Yeah, because Scott and Gloria did a lot of the cooking. And the service is over!

The chefs line up in the dining room and Chef Ramsay asks if they notice anything different. This appears to be a rhetorical question, because when they start guessing that his hair is different or that he has a new spot on his chef's jacket, he seems a little irritated. Finally, Andrea puts her finger on it: he's smiling! The service went well, for the first time this season. But someone's still going home. The chefs are sent back to the dorms with the instruction that each of them will come back and say who should go home.

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